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Hunting Statistics
Hunting Statistics
Elk Herd

​​​​​​​​​​Big Game Draw & Hunting Statistics

​In an effort to assist Colorado's big game hunters applying for the draw, Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides the following draw and hunting season information. These reports show how many licenses were available in all big game management units throughout Colorado, how many hunters applied for those limited licenses, how many of those hunters were successful drawing and how many preference points it took to be successful. To understand how to read these draw statistics, see the Reading the Recaps​ page.

New Draw Recap Reports

Please remember that these will only be guidelines in helping you fill out your limited license applications: quotas, applicant pools, and hunt codes may change year-to-year. The latest 10 years of statistics will be maintained on the website.

View Big Game Draw & Hunting Statistics by Species:

Searching Statistics PDFs

TIP: To search the Big Game Draw & Hunting Statistics PDFs, please use the following keyboard shortcuts. After opening the PDF file, Windows PC users can enable the document search bar by pressing "Ctrl" + "F" on their keyboard. Press "CMD" + "F" on an Apple computer.​​


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Vi​ew Deer Hunting Statistics

​​View Desert Bighorn Sheep​ Hunting Statistics

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​​​Frequently Asked Questions
Big Game Harvest Statistics Reports
​1Q. I don’t see the unit I hunted in the season table.
A. Only the units reported by harvest survey respondents are listed in the harvest statistics.
​2Q. Why don’t some of the hunts show up in the Harvest, Hunters and Percent Success tables but are included in other tables?
A. Either sex hunts are not included in the Percent Success tables because the hunter can harvest either a male OR female animal with that license.
​3Q. Is there a breakdown of harvest by hunt code?
A. No, big game harvest is collected and estimated by each herd (DAU), units reported as hunted and general season groupings. These groupings do not always translate back to a specific hunt code therefore hunt codes are not associated with harvest statistics.

Preference Points

​​If you'd like to find out how many preference points you currently have or if you drew your limited license, see the Draw Results and Preference Points page.