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Conservation & Management
Conservation & Management
Mule Deer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s conservation teams aim to nurture healthy landscapes and coexistence between humans and wildlife for generations to come. Through proactive monitoring and surveying, we keep tabs on all species, both those in trouble and those thriving. Preventing endangerment includes careful land use, in-depth research, and cooperative partnerships. 

The agency's proactive approach allows for consideration of all interests and motivations. Planning ahead leaves more room to protect wildlife while maximizing economic opportunities for landowners and industries throughout the state.  

Golden eagle close up.Our State Wildlife Action Plan is the guiding document for the conservation teams and for Colorado Parks and Wildlife as a whole as we strive to make all decisions with conservation in mind. It details our greatest conservation needs. 

Our highest priority projects aim to mitigate damages to high-risk species and the habitats they rely on. By balancing species-specific needs with policy requirements and broad, habitat-based projects, we can effectively manage all of Colorado’s wildlife. Our comprehensive methods have already seen huge successes, like keeping the Greater Sage-Grouse off of the endangered species list. 

We rely on you to help us spread ​the word, participate in citizen science, and contribute to our resource base. Help us protect the landscapes and animals that make Colorado so spectacular. ​​