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Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy
Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy

​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife is concerned with habitat needs and management of declining sagebrush-dependent species. This concern led to the funding of a contract with Bio-Logic Environmental, to develop a document that provides a regional assessment of current and historic Colorado sagebrush habitat, and a multi-species regional conservation planning approach for wildlife species of concern that are not being dealt with in other planning efforts. This document is intended to primarily offer regional perspective and context to help guide conservation efforts.

The Colorado Sagebrush and Sage Species Conservation Strategy:

  • Estimates the extent of historic sagebrush habitat lost in Colorado.

  • Assesses the current status of sagebrush habitat in Colorado and quantifies widespread threats to its continued existence.

  • Identifies declining or potentially-declining sagebrush-dependent wildlife species not addressed by other regional conservation planning efforts.

  • Establishes conservation goals, objectives, and strategies to avert further decline of species of concern, and outlines monitoring steps to assess conservation accomplishments.

Species addressed in this plan include black-throated sparrow, Brewer’s sparrow, green-tailed towhee, lark sparrow, northern harrier, sage sparrow, sage thrasher, vesper sparrow, kit fox, Merriam’s shrew and sagebrush vole. Profiles of these individual species are provided in the Appendix.