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Resource Stewardship
Resource Stewardship
San Luis State Park mountains and lake in winter


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CPW's Resource Stewardship ​

The goal of CPW’s resource stewardship team is to protect the wildlife, natural features and cultural resources in each Colorado state park for generations to come. 

When we visit a state park today, we have the opportunity to see raptors at Barr Lake, mule deer at Golden Gate Canyon, historic structures sprinkled throughout the state, among other amazing gems. Noteworthy species and sites bring residents closer to nature, enticing the spirit in a way that can be hard to describe. Even when we don’t stop to appreciate it, we feel it: bearing witness to the wildlife and landscapes of Colorado is a great privilege. 

Resource stewardship programs aim to secure that same privilege for our children and grandchildren and generations to come. Focusing on state parks, teams take proactive monitoring and protective measures to be sure that economic and recreational endeavors balance with conservation efforts. With smart placement of trails, for example, we can protect raptor species during nesting season while also maximizing the opportunities to catch a glimpse of them as they hunt. 

Aside from the countless breathtaking species in our parks, the resource stewardship team also strives to preserve cultural resources such as historic structures and Native American artifacts. Through citizen science, volunteer efforts, and careful planning, the team protects a variety of resources that make our parks so special. ​



Geographical Infor​​mation Systems

GIS is a major component of our ​development planning process, threatened and endangered species review process, and resource inventory. 

For State Parks Boundary GIS files, please visit ArcGIS Online using these instructions.

 Firewood Warning


Help protect our public lands by buying firewood near your destination campground. 

If you have brought firewood from another state, please contact the Department of Agriculture immediately for instructions on how to dispose of it. For more information, call 303-869​​-9076 or em​ail​.


​Join the stewardship team and help us protect the most beautiful places in Colorado!

We need volunteers to perform noxious weed mapping, raptor monitoring and nest mapping, various resource monitoring activities and many other tasks at our State Parks across Colorado. Sign up and find opportunities.

Contact Resource Stewardship Program staff for more information.