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Sportsmen's Roundtable and Caucuses
Sportsmen's Roundtable and Caucuses
Tarryall Reservoir angler and moose


Colorado Parks and Wildlife depends on feedback and advice from our state’s hunters and anglers to make the best decisions about the management of fish, wildlife, and habitat. In order to discuss issues and gather ideas, CPW convenes a statewide Sportsmen’s Roundtable and regional Sportsmen’s Caucus meetings. The Sportsmen’s Roundtable includes appointed and delegated members from around the state with interests in hunting, trapping and fishing. The regional Sportsmen’s Caucuses are open to any local hunter or angler and provides a forum for discussing local and statewide issues. ​

​​​​Get Involved!​​​

Attend a Regional Caucus Meeting:  CPW hosts regional caucus meetings around the state to discuss important issues with​​ hunters and anglers. See the Map of CPW regions​

If you are interested in receiving announcements​ for when caucus meetings are taking place, please sign up for CPW's eNews​.

For more information about the Sportsmen’s Roundtable and Regional Caucus meetings, see the Fact Sheet or contact Jody Kennedy at or 303-866-3203​ x 4671.​

Regional Sport​smen's Caucuses

Regional Caucus meetings are open to all sportsmen and provide an opportunity for interested public to meet with CPW staff and caucus delegates to discuss issues pertaining to hunting, fishing, and trapping in Colorado. Caucus delegates share regional issues with the Statewide Sportsmen's Roundtable when they meet in person two times a year. If you are interested in learning more about the caucus in your region, you may also contact your regional caucus delegate (listed below).

​Northwest Colorado​​​​​

​​Next meeting 
Summer 2019

​​Regional Caucus Delegates​​​

​Denny Behrens
     Dale Coombs​


​​Southwest Colorado​

Next meeting
Summer 2019

​​Regional Caucus Delegates

Kevin Alexander

Northeast Colorado​​​​

​​Next meeting 
Summer 2019

​​Regional Caucus Delegates​​​

Steve Hilde
        Ryan Urie​
​Drew Perez​


​Southeast Colorado​​​

Next meeting​​​
Summer 2019

Regional Ca​ucus Delegates ​​

Larry McCormick​
Willie Kalaskie​
​ ​

Statewide​ Sportsmen's Roundtable​​

​Next in-person meeting​
April 13, 2019
​​​Previous in-person meetings​​
​Statewide Delegates​ ​

Adam Gall​, Paonia

​​​Andy Tre​harne, Louisville​

Chad LaChance​​, Fort Collins

​Cody DeGuelle, Black Hawk

Dan Gates, Canon City

Dan Murphy, Lake City

Dan Schwartz, Grand Junction

Jamie Nogle​, Grand Junction​

Jennifer Gluck, LaSalle

Kara Armano, Herperu

Mark Smith, Alamosa

Marty Holmes, Westcliffe

Paul Finley, Hot Supher Springs

​Roger Tucker, Pueblo

Ron Goodrich, Pueblo

Ryan McSparran​, Littleton

Roy Karo​, Grand Junction

Tom Kenyon, Grand Junction