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​​Colorado Lottery
​​Colorado Lottery

​​​Colorado Lottery​

Coloradans live to play. We hike, bike, run, camp and fish. We swing, slide, splash, climb and ski. Each day Coloradans find hundreds of ways to play, and the Colorado Lottery helps make them all possible. Over the last 36 years, the Colorado Lottery has proudly contributed more than $3.4 billion to our state – funding parks, open space conservation, wildlife habitats and much more. Lottery proceeds build pools and recreation centers. They fund state parks, dog parks, skate parks and trails. They create community playgrounds and gathering places, and even fund community events. The Colorado Lottery has made a positive impact on every county in our state. And with each passing year, Lottery players help make Colorado an even more beautiful and playful place to live.


​Where the Money Goes

​Colorado's voters recognized early on the importance of taking care of the beautiful state we all call home. When Colorado's lottery was original established by voters, they dedicated much of the lottery proceeds to taking care of the state's beautiful places and ​open spaces. That vision from the 1980s is paying off today and paying off for future generations.​​​

With each Scratch or Jackpot ticket sold, the Lottery funds more outdoor opportunities across Colorado. Profits from the Lottery have created or enhanced more than 1,100 community parks and outdoor areas, provided wildlife education for more than half a million children, built or maintained more than 750 miles of hiking and biking trails and protected more than one million acres of beautiful Colorado wilderness. 

Colorado Lottery logoLottery dollars help CPW fund projects for n​ongame species, and provide opportunities for Coloradoans to watch and learn about the state’s magnificent wildlife. Lottery funding is a big part of the $2 million in matching grants that have protected habitat throughout the state. These grants have assisted projects such as CPW’s Angler Education Program that introduces people to the sport of fishing, and the Colorado Birding Trail that provides Coloradans and visitors the opportunities to see and learn more about the birds that call Colorado home.

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