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Colorado Archery in the Schools Program
Colorado Archery in the Schools Program

The Colorado Archery in the Schools Program (CASP) promotes student interest and skills development in archery by training educators to incorporate archery into Physical Education curriculum. ​

NASP Archery in Schools Program.

Start an Archery Program At Your School

To participate in the Colorado Archery in the Schools program each school must have at least one Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) certified coach. 

​BAI courses are generally 8 hours and happen​ at locations around the state. 

For more information, see the Starting an A​rchery Program at Your School page.

​Program Opportunities

  • Grants for schools​ to start their archery programs and maintenance grants for schools currently in the program.

  • Partnerships between schools, teachers, students, community groups, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff.

  • Professional, high-quality archery instruction skills and lesson plans.

National Archery in the Schools ProgramCASP is an affiliate of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®). NASP® is designed to teach Development-style Olympic Target Archery during 4th grade through High School Physical and/or Outdoor Education classes.

This program is designed for Colorado physical education teachers who want to incorporate an archery unit into their school curriculum. The Colorado Archery in the Schools Program meets many Colorado Academic Standards in Physical Education. Core content covers range setup, safety, teaching techniques, equipment, mental concentration, and self-improvement.

CASP is for in-school archery instruction only. If you are interested in teaching archery in other settings (including after school programs) please visit the Archery Trade Association or USA Archery​.