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Annual Reports
Annual Reports

​​​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife Overview

2017 Fact Sheet

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) remains a leader in natural resource management and outdoor recreation. Funded primarily through user fees, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grants, and federal and state grants, CPW strives to ensure efficient and effective use of financial and human resources. Through planning and by following Colorado's Lean Program, CPW evaluates programs and makes spending adjustments accordingly.​

The 2017 CPW Fact Sheet provides a wide variety of valuable information including statistics and inventories, statewide programs and the annual revenue for the 2016 fiscal year. >> Read More


Economic Impacts

Exhibit III-4. Direct Expenditures by Expenditure Type for Residents. From 2008 Economic Impacts Report. Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife Watching in Colorado

The 2008 Economic Impact Report details the statewide economic impacts of wildlife-related activities in Colorado. This report updates the 2004 Economic Impact Report (as revised 9/2008) with 2007 data for hunting and fishing and 2006 data for wildlife watching.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife updates the economic impact model approximately every five years.

Information in this report is based on hunting and fishing license sales, surveys, equipment sales, lodging information, and other expenditures associated with wildlife-related activities.

This type of information is frequently requested by the public in order to communicate the value of wildlife-associated activities. The results can also offer state and local policy-makers a better understanding of the economic impacts of wildlife-related decisions.

The report concludes that hunting and fishing generated an estimated $1.8 billion for Colorado's economy in 2007 and wildlife watching generated an estimated $1.2 billion in 2006. In addition, hunting and fishing supported approximately 21,000 jobs statewide while wildlife watching supported an additional 12,800 jobs.