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Partners in the Outdoors
Partners in the Outdoors

​We believe that the support of our partners enables us to excel at our work of protecting and caring for our most valued and valuable resources. The Partners in the Outdoors program brings together diverse interests from across the entire spectrum of the outdoors to advance and balance both outdoor recreation and conservation in Colorado. 

We are an outward-facing department helping to foster alignment and trust through our three cornerstone initiatives: our Partners in the Outdoors Conference, the Colorado Outdoor Partnership and the Colorado Outdoor Principles, as well as our extensive resource sharing and network building.

Partners in the Outdoors Conference

The Partners in the Outdoors Conference is Colorado's foremost opportunity to cultivate common ground, explore best practices of partnering, and design collaborative solutions with diverse voices and stakeholders to conserve Colorado's outdoor heritage.

Our annual conference has quickly become one of the signature events in Colorado bringing together organizations, agencies, schools, ​​businesses ​and communities engaged in the future of Colorado's conservation and outdoor recreational opportunities. 

​The conference provides opportunities for:
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Partner Recognition
  • Professional Development
  • Grant Funding

Colorado Outdoor Partnership

Coordinated by CPW, the Colorado Outdoor Partnership (CO-OP) is a statewide collaboration of organizations leading the way to ensure our private and public lands continue to support our wildlife, outdoor, agricultural heritage, and economic well-being for generations to come. The CO-OP follows the Colorado Outdoor Principles.

Colorado's Outdoor Principles

Partnerships Defined

Partnerships are a collaborative relationship between groups to work toward shared objectives through a mutually agreed upon division of labor and resources. A true partnership assumes shared risk and shared reward to ensure delivery of practical solutions on the ground and at the strategic level. A partnership is a learning process that allows groups and organizations to achieve common goals more effectively.
  • Partners help extend CPW’s goals of outreach to families and community members.
  • Partners help expand our capacity and reduce barriers to program participation.
  • Partners strengthen the public’s awareness about CPW.
  • Partners provide educational programs, skill building, and a myriad of other services.
  • Partners support park events, which include community building aspects of our work.
  • Partners often share in the planning, material, financial and workforce resources.
  • Partnerships can be flexible to fit our needs and defined for specific projects.


Our Partners in the Outdoors Newsletters will keep you up-to-date with current initiatives and opportunities with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and our partners. Check out our recent issues below.

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