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5-Year Big Game Season Structure
5-Year Big Game Season Structure
Elk Herd

The Parks and Wildlife Commission has approved the 2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure

Please see the Final Approved 2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure for more detail. 

CPW has carefully considered all input received from the BGSS public meetings, telephone town halls, focus groups and two public comment forms to inform this season structure framework. Through this process we heard from several thousand hunters, both residents and non-residents. 

We greatly appreciate your time and engagement in helping us inform the next Big Game Season Structure.

What's the purpose of the Big Game Season Structure Process?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife uses a five-year BGSS as a framework for annual big game hunting regulations. 

Establishes a 5-year big game hunting framework:

  • What types of hunting opportunities will be available.
  • When opportunities will be available.
  • Where opportunities will be available.
  • How the opportunities will be divided amongst methods of take.

What's the process look like for 2020-2024?

2020-2024 Proposed timeline

Why every 5 years?

To provide consistency and predictability.
  • Achievement of management objectives
  • Hunter satisfaction and participation
  • Revenue
  • Law enforcement and regulation complexity

Big game management in Colorado is built on several planning processes, all of which are approved by the Commission:

  • Herd Management Plans (HMPs) establish long-term objectives for big game species in specific geographic areas (Data Analysis Units) through a public process, using the best scientific information on populations and habitat conditions.

  • Annual license recommendations are set annually via regulation and are based on HMP objectives.

  • Big Game Season Structure (BGSS) policies define a framework for achieving HMP objectives through a ​variety of hunting opportunities and seasons. ​

Public Input 

During this process the public will have a lot of opportunities to share their ideas and input on how we can improve our season structure. This critical feedback helps shape how Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff conserve and manage our herds into the future.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife considers the public's comments with great care and looks at numerous options for making changes to the system. A summary of the public's input is presented to the Commission for final recommendations and adoption.

You can reach our Policy and Planning section with comments by email:



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