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Wildlife Health
Wildlife Health

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The prairie in Colorado is home to a lot of cool wildlife.

This is the story of how Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Avian Research and Wildlife Health Programs teamed up with partners to study and test a new plague vaccine and improve habitat for endangered black-footed ferrets and other wildlife. Avian Researchers have documented the benefits of maintaining active prairie dog colonies for many species such as ferruginous hawks, golden eagles, various grassland songbirds, coyotes, and badgers. For more information, see the Avian Response to Plague Management Research page.

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Mountain lion field researchThe Wildlife Health Section is a group of veterinarians, researchers and technicians dedicated to diagnosing, monitoring and conducting research on diseases of free-ranging wildlife in Colorado. Research is being conducted on diseases that affect the long term survival of wildlife populations or prevent the growth of wildlife populations such as pneumonia in bighorn sheep, plague in prairie dogs and chronic wasting disease in deer, elk and moose. Diagnostic services are available to determine cause of death of wildlife throughout Colorado. Additionally, the Foothill Wildlife Research Facility maintains numerous species of wildlife utilized in research projects and for teaching purposes.


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Deer study Mountain lion study​​​
Ferret research Taking field samples
Ferret release Lab work