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Get Out. Give Thanks. Fresh Air Friday!
Get Out. Give Thanks. Fresh Air Friday!


​​Give Thanks for the Great Outdoors!

​​​Celebrate Fresh Air Friday on Black Friday

Colorado Parks & Wildlife encourages you to take some time this Thanksgiving weekend to explore the outdoors and make new memories with the people you love. Turn Black Friday into a blue skies Friday, a green trees Friday, a white snow Friday… a Fresh Air Friday!
Every outdoor activity is the right way to celebrate Fresh Air Friday, whether exploring a state park, skiing in the high country, or playing a game of freeze tag in the backyard. Studies show that spending time outdoors - no matter the activity - can improve one’s ability to focus, decrease fatigue and even help improve short-term memory! So whatever activity you choose, get out and give thanks.

Throughout the year, CPW offers family-friendly activities, fun-filled adventures and opportunities to learn and try new things at all of our state parks. We look forward to your next visit!


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