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CPW News Release
CPW News Release
Waterfowl deaths are being reported in the Denver metro area

Waterfowl deaths are being reported in the Denver metro area
Jason Clay

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Waterfowl deaths are being reported in the Denver metro area

- A few ducks and several geese have recently been reported dead in the Denver metro area. Colorado Parks and Wildlife veterinary staff have conducted necropsies of several of the dead geese and found that the most significant factor to their deaths is a bacterial infection with Riemerella anatipestifer, also known as “new duck disease.”

This disease affects primarily waterfowl, but it can cause disease in poultry and other birds. All of the dead birds examined from the Denver metro die-off have tested negative for avian influenza viruses and avian paramyxoviruses (newcastle disease).

The Denver metro area is home to large populations of resident Canada Geese year round. In addition, large migratory flocks of geese make temporary residence in the Denver area during the winter months. These large, congregated flocks create ideal conditions for various illnesses to travel among their populations. 

If the public observes dead waterfowl, you can report it to the local park/managing entity for removal.  Do not make contact with dead or sick waterfowl and do not allow your pets to have interactions with them.     

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the CPW Northeast region service center at 303-291-7227. 


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