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CPW News Release
CPW News Release
Colorado Shooting Range Development Grants fund 8 shooting ranges

Colorado Shooting Range Development Grants fund 8 shooting ranges
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Colorado Shooting Range Development Grants fund eight shooting ranges

DENVER, Colo. - DENVER – Colorado Parks and Wildlife has awarded $725,000 to eight shooting ranges across Colorado through the agency’s Shooting Range Development Grant Program (SRDG). The funds will go toward developing new shooting ranges and to upgrade existing ranges.

SRDG supports the establishment, improvement and expansion of safe shooting facilities in Colorado and is one of the largest shooting range programs in the nation. Since 2010, SRDG has awarded more than $3.3 million in funding to more than 70 shooting and archery projects across Colorado.

The program's funds come from federal excise taxes generated by the sale of hunting and shooting equipment, in addition to funds generated by license fees. Local partners in the projects also commit at least 25 percent in matching funds for the work.

Each year, SRDG maximizes its impact by providing matching grants to towns, counties, outdoor recreation organizations, shooting clubs, parks and recreation departments and others. These projects establish, improve or expand shooting ranges and shooting areas - including archery ranges - throughout the state. The 8 projects approved for funding this year include more than $576,000 in local matching funds.

CPW’s SRDG coordinator Jim Guthrie said, “We’re investing sportsmen dollars into shooting range facilities, plus really leveraging those dollars. And with Colorado’s growing population, demand for safe, accessible ranges continues to rise. The SRDG program is a major tool in helping to meet that demand.”

Guthrie said there are some particularly noteworthy projects funded this year, including construction of a new public range by the Boulder Rifle Club and the planning and design of a new public range adjacent to the Clear Creek Sportsmen’s Club.

CPW Northeast Deputy Regional Manager Tom Kroening said the Boulder Rifle Club and Clear Creek County Range shooting grants are great examples of the work done by the Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership.

“Back in 2013, the U.S. Forest Service, CPW and four Colorado counties – Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Larimer – formed the partnership to develop a plan to provide safe, responsible and accessible recreational sport shooting opportunities while addressing conflicts near residential areas and with other recreation users across the northern Colorado Front Range,” Kroening said.

The result was the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland’s Recreational Sport Shooting (RSS) Management Project. The proposed plan will restrict recreational sport shooting on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in areas found to be unsuitable, while other areas of the forest and around Colorado remain available for recreational sport shooting when following all rules and regulations.

Many of the restrictions are contingent on public shooting ranges being developed to maintain recreational shooting opportunities in those areas with the most restrictions. The Boulder Rifle Club and Clear Creek County grants are examples of this partnership’s positive work.

Details on the Partnership’s progress on shooting ranges can be found at the Northern Front Range Recreational Sport Shooting Management Partnership’s website.

Boulder Rifle Club
Kroening said the Boulder Rifle Club grant “will provide funding to start the initial construction of a new range in order to build out and provide more public opportunity in the future. It’s a good example of working together. It’s the rifle club and Colorado Parks and Wildlife working together to provide more opportunities for Front Range shooters to go practice with their firearm in Boulder County along the Front Range. And it will eventually alleviate some of the impact of shooting currently occurring on U.S. Forest Service property in the area.”

Clear Creek Sportsmen’s Club
Kroening said Clear Creek County is looking to take an area that used to be a fairgrounds and convert it into a public shooting range. The site is next to an existing private range, so any additional impact should be minimal. “The planning grant will help them make their idea a reality,” he said.

Shooting sports make an economic impact.
In the United States, the economic impact of the sporting arms and ammunition industry totals more than $42 billion and creates more than 263,000 jobs. The Pittman-Robertson excise tax manufacturers pay on the products they sell is a major source of wildlife conservation funding in Colorado and nationwide. Colorado Parks and Wildlife also directs a portion of its Pittman-Robertson funding to the shooting range program.

The Shooting Range Development Grants awarded in 2019 include:

Southeast Region
Royal Gorge Gun Club
New trap and skeet range

Pike and San Isabel National Forest – Planning and Design
Site selection, planning, and design for new range

Northeast Region
Northern Colorado Rod and Gun Club
Renovation – major safety and facility upgrades

Boulder Rifle Club
Initial construction of new range

Clear Creek County Range
Planning and design of a new range

Northwest Region
Meeker Sportsmen’s Club
Target relocation, new berms

Summit County Shooting Range
Culvert and building realignment to reduce erosion

Grand Junction Trap Club
Roof and restroom renovations

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