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Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility
Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility

​​​​​​​​​​​​The J. W. Mumma Native A​quatic Species Restoration Facility (NASRF) is dedicated to protecting and restoring threatened and endangered aquatic species native to Colorado. The state of the art fa​cility, located near Alamosa, currently raises 12 species of threatened and endangered fish, including the federally endangered bonytail chu​b and other state species of concern

smiling man holding up a fishThe facility also rais​es the endangered b​​oreal toad. Since its inception in 2000, the Native A​quatic Species Restoration Facility​ has protected 16 different fish species and has stocked more than 2.1 million fish in rivers, streams and lakes throughout Colorado. The NASRF is the only hatchery of its kind in North America!

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​Some hatcheries offer self-guided tours, while others may have tour guides available during​ certain times of the year. To enhance your experience,​​educational materials are available at all hatcheries. ​​​Check out the hatcher​y map​ to find a hatchery near you!


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