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Final Exams
Final Exams
Elk Hunting

​​​​​​​​​​​Field Exams

It is now time for your final exams in the field. Our goal for the second year of Elk Hunting University has been to dig even deeper into the “art” of elk hunting and to pass along even more valuable learned-lessons and tips from our authors, who provided sixteen lessons covering a wide range of topics. We hope these lessons provided priceless nuggets for you to use in the field. As the fall colors begin to appear and the crisp autumn air beckons the change of season, I expect hunters in the early rifle seasons to be treated to a siren’s song of bulls challenging the mountain inhabitants. The hun​t, the challenge and the experience of the Rocky Mountains is what draws us all back to hunt each season.

I encourage everyone to read Lessons Learned. Share your own “Lessons Learned” by sending them to us here at the EHU. We can all learn from each other by sharing the wisdom of the hunting experience. If you wish to share your story, please email it to Jim Bulger. While we may not be able to publish all of the lessons, I will try to add as many as I can to the page.

Good luck to all of you. I hope to see you on the mountain.

- Jim.