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Grizzly Bear Sighting Form
Grizzly Bear Sighting Form

​​​​​​​​​​Do you think you've seen a grizzly bear? ​To submit a grizzly sighting report, please use the form below.

​If you are having issues, concerns or want to report a sighting of a black bear

Contact your local Colorado Parks and Wildlife region or area office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also try the main CPW Denver headquarters Communications Center at (303) 297-1192 and they can help direct your call. 

For after-hours emergencies, contact 911, the Colorado State Patrol OR your local Sheriff's Department.

Find helpful videos, resources and tips on the Living with Bears​ pages.

Please do NOT use the form below for reports of black bears.



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Observer Information

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Observation Information

Valid date and time required. [mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm]

What were the ages of the bears observed?

How did you observe the bear or bears?

Please describe how you observed the bear or bears.

Would you be willing to provide a copy to the CPW?

If you posted any related videos to the internet, please provide the URLs.

Previous Experience

Have you or anyone you listed above seen grizzly and/or black bears before?

Please describe the observer's prior experience with grizzly and/or black bears.

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Name of general area where you observed the bear or bears (e.g. national park, mountain range, wilderness area, etc.)


County in which observation occurred

Please include any other relevant details of the location. Include nearby landmarks, GPS location or Township/Range/Section. If using GPS coordinates, please use UTM coordinates and provide the Datum and Zone.

Please describe the vegetation in the area where the animal was observed. For example Pine Trees, Grass, Willows, etc.

Describe the amount of human activity in the area of the observation

What was the direct distance to the nearest regularly occupied human activity area?

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Physical Characteristics of Animal(s)

Color variation on hump?

Placement of hump in relation to top of ears

Color of front claws

Shape from ears to nose

Noticeable "brow" feature above eyes?

Were the ears of the bear/bears distinctly visible?

What was the position of the ears?

What was the shape of the ears?

What was the ratio of the bear's body?

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Animal Behavior

Please check all boxes that describe the behavior of the bear or bears

Please describe any other behaviors

Physical Evidence

Please check all boxes that describe physical evidence at the observation site

Please describe other evidence at the site


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Grizzly Sighting Form

Part I: Observer Information

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Part II: Observation Information

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Observation Length:

Distance To Animal:

Weather Conditions:

Number Bears Seen:

Age of Bear(s):

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Optical - Other

Number of Observers:

Additional Observer Information:

Have photo/video:

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Video URL:

Previous Sighting:

Previous Sighting Details:

General Area:






Human Activity:

Dist. to Human Activity

Physical Description:

Hump Color:

Hump Placement:

Claw Color:

Claw Length:


Visible Brow:

Distinct Ears:

Ear Position:

Ear Shape:

Body Ratio:


Other Behaviors:

Site Evidence:

Other Site Evidence: