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Gunnison's & White-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation Strategy
Gunnison's & White-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation Strategy

​​​​​​​ Final Version Available

The creation of the Colorado Gunnison's and White-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation Strategy is complete and available for the public.  

Concern over the white-tailed and Gunnison's prairie dogs is due predominantly to plague, and to a lesser extent, rangeland changes, historic poisoning campaigns, conversion of lands to agriculture, urban development, and recreational shooting.

The purpose of the state conservation strategy is to:

  1. Promote conservation of both species and their habitats.
  2. Identify specific research needs.
  3. Examine existing regulatory mechanisms and their ability to maintain viable populations.
  4. Reduce the risk of factors negatively impacting populations.
  5. Increase stakeholder participation in prairie dog conservation efforts.

Individual Population Area Action Plans

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Public Comment & Colorado Parks and Wildlife Response to Comments

During the Review Process

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