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Adam C. Behney
Adam C. Behney

Avian Researcher

​​​​Adam Behney Avian Researcher

Contact Info​


Ph.D., Zoology — Southern Illinois University, 2014

M.S., Wildlife Science — Texas Tech University, 2009 

B.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Science — The Pennsylvania State University, 2006

Current or Recent Positions

Avian Researcher — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2015 – present  

Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Foraging ecology of nonbreeding ducks and other waterbirds in the South Platte River Basin
  • Response of pheasants and grassland passerines to Conservation Reserve Program mid-contract management practices in northeastern Colorado
  • Bobwhite quail response to short duration high intensity livestock grazing on state wildlife areas

Areas of Interest, Expertise

Avian population and behavioral responses to habitat conditions. Evaluating effectiveness of habitat treatments for birds.


Behney, A.C., R. O’Shaunessy, M.W. Eichholz, and J.D. Stafford. 2014. Influence of item distribution pattern and abundance on efficiency of benthic core sampling. Wetlands 34:1109-1121. 

Behney, A.C., C.W. Boal, H.A. Whitlaw, and D.R. Lucia. 2012. Raptor community composition in the Texas Southern High Plains lesser prairie-chicken range. Wildlife Society Bulletin 36:291-296.

Behney, A.C., B.A. Grisham, C.W. Boal, H.A. Whitlaw, and D.A. Haukos. 2012. Sexual selection and mating chronology of lesser prairie-chickens. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124:96-105.

Behney, A.C., C.W. Boal, H.A. Whitlaw, and D.R. Lucia. 2011. Interactions of raptors and lesser prairie-chickens at leks in the Texas Southern High Plains. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 123:332-338.

Behney, A.C., C.W. Boal, H.A. Whitlaw, and D.R. Lucia. 2010. Prey use by Swainson’s Hawks in the lesser prairie-chicken range of the Southern High Plains of Texas. Journal of Raptor Research 44:317-322.

​Grisham, B.A., A.C. Behney, P.K. Borsdorf, D.R. Lucis, J.C. Zavaleta, D.A. Haukos, and C.W. Boal. 2015. Population conservation and management of lesser prairie-chickens in sand shinnery oak grasslands. In D.A. Haukos and C.W. Boal, editors. Ecology and conservation of lesser prairie-chickens.​