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Records by Weight
Records by Weight
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is Colorado's original fis​hing record program. Fish records are tracked by weight in 43 different species categories. Potential record holders must have a valid Colorado fishing license, or be under the age of 16. The fish in question must be weighed on a state-certified scale, and there must be a weight receipt signed by a person who witnessed the weighing. The fish, not frozen, gutted, or altered in any way, must be examined and identified by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologist or wildlife manager before an application is submitted. The biologist or wildlife manager will fill out and return the application form​ to the Sportfish Program Manager in Denver. 

In the interest of promoting conservation of Colorado's fish population, CPW also offers an award program for catch-and-release anglers as well. You can find more information on this program on our Records by Length​​ page. 

* New in 2017
Rainbow2003Morrow Point Reservoir (Gunnison County)19-1034Lee Cox
Brook1947Upper Cataract Lake (Summit County)7-10 George Knorr
Brown1988Roaring Judy Ponds (Gunnison County)30-836.4Alan Schneider
Cutthroat - Native1964Twin Lakes (Lake County)16-0 George Hranchak
Cutthroat - Snake River2005Blue River17-2.633Rob Peckham
Mackinaw2007Blue Mesa Reservoir (Gunnison County)50.3544.25Donald Walker
Splake1976Island Lake (Delta County)18-1532Robin Perkins
*Tiger Trout2017Upper Dome Lake (Gunnison County)8-3.6827.5Anthony Janssen
Golden1979Kelly Lake (Jackson County)3-1222.5Donald O’Leary
Grayling2002Lower Big Creek Lake (Jackson County)1-1017.25Derik Drinnen
*Arctic Char2017Dillon Reservoir (Summit County)4-2.423.425Lindsay Regali
Cutbow2007Antero Reservoir (Park County)18-828.5Frank Stack
Whitefish1982Roaring Fork River (Eagle County)5-218.75Richard Sals
Kokanee (Angling)1986Spinney Mountain Reservoir (Park County)6-1327.5Will Arduino
2002Blue Mesa Reservoir (Gunnison County)7-527Lee Cox
Chinook1989Williams Fork Reservoir (Grand County)11-028.5Helen Eaton
Channel2010 Aurora Reservoir 43-640 1/2Jessica Walton
Blue2016Pueblo Reservoir
(Pueblo County)
24-7.71235 1/2Charlie Black
Black Bullhead1993Farm Pond 
(Delta County)
5-123Uldene Kuretich
*Flathead2017Pueblo Reservoir30-​9.638 5/8
Michael Flock
Northern2006 Stagecoach Reservoir (Routt County)30-1146.5Tim Bone 
Tiger Muskie1994Quincy Reservoir
(Arapahoe County)
40-253Jason Potter
Walleye1997Standley Lake
(Jefferson County)
18-1334Scott Regan
Sauger2011Horseshoe Reservoir3-621 1/2Jeff Riddle
Saugeye2001John Martin Reservoir 
(Bent County)
10-1428.5Rocklyn Beise
Sacramento1974Banner Lakes (Weld County)1-1413.25Dana Wilfong
Yellow2007 Seaman Reservoir, (Larimer County)2-913.63Justin Allbrandt 
Smallmouth2011 Aurora Reservoir6-1121 1/2Raymond Ong
Largemouth1997Echo Canyon Reservoir (Archuleta County)11-622.50Jarrett Edwards
White1963Blue Lake (Bent/Kiowa County)4-718Pedro Martinez
*Striped2017Arkansas River
(Bent Co.)
29-539Harvey Shade
Rock1979Ramah Reservoir (El Paso County)1-1.2510.6Timothy Fisk
Wiper2004Pueblo Reservoir26-1537.50Kevin Treanor
Spotted2005 Valco Ponds (Pueblo Co.)4-7 7/817 3/4Michael Hardin
Drum1978Lonetree Reservoir (Larimer County)17-332Faye Lancamp
Grass Carp2013Cottonwood Park Lake (Jefferson County)57-1347Brian Husmann
Common Carp2001Glenmere Park (Weld County)35-538.75Adam Wickam
Sucker2011 Aurora Reservoir 5-6.6523 3/8Jay Grupp
Green1997Big Thompson Pond (Weld County)1-511.2Justin Evans
Green2001Gravel Pit (Larimer County)1-511.6Joshua Robinson
Redear2015Stalker Lake15.20 oz.10.375Craig McNitt
Bluegill2014Comanche Power Plant-Private (Pueblo, Co.)2-511.5Robert Castro​
Hybrid1986Gravel Pit (Larimer County)1-8.510.75Jeff Robinson
White1975Northglenn Lake (Adams County)4-3.7517Daryel Thompson
*Black2017Frank State Wildlife Area3-7.8417.472Fesstus Stalder​
Tench1998Home Lake, Rio Grande County5-620Craig Curtis
American Eel1996Flagler Reservoir (Kit Carson County)3-135