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Snowmobile Safety Training
Snowmobile Safety Training

​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommends safety training for everyone who operates a snowmobile. The free course consists of six hours of classroom instruction and an additional hour of performance testing on a snowmobile. You do not have to own a machine in order to take the course.

Anyone between the ages of 10 and 16 who wishes to operate a snowmobile on public lands must be certified or supervised by someone who is. Adults are encouraged to take snowmobile safety training. In fact, over 800 adult employees of Colorado ski areas are certified each year!

Certificates in snowmobile safety are awarded upon successful completion of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife ​approved training course. Such courses are available throughout Colorado from local sno​wmo​​bile clubs, the Colorado Snowmobile As​​​​​sociation and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

For more information contact (303) 791-1954​.​