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Swift Fox Conservation Team
Swift Fox Conservation Team

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Background Swift fox (Vulpes velox)

1992: The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) received a petition to list the swift fox as an endangered species. 

1994: the USFWS determined that a threatened listing for the swift fox was warranted but precluded by other higher priority species, thus placed the species on the candidate list. This action prompted state wildlife agencies within the historic range of the species to form the Swift Fox Conservation Team to work cooperatively on swift fox management and conservation. The Conservation Team, in coordination with the Service and other interested parties, assembled existing information, collected new biological data, and implemented swift fox monitoring and management programs, resulting in a better understanding of the species' status and a more coordinated approach to management. 

2001: the USFWS reviewed the status of the swift fox and determined that the magnitude and the immediacy of the threats to the species did not warrant listing under the Endangered Species Act. The swift fox was removed from the candidate list.

The continuing efforts of the Conservation Team indicate that management activities for this species will be carefully considered in the future. Recent successful reintroduction efforts and research efforts have also contributed to understanding the behavior, ecology, and habitat requirements of swift fox.

The Swift Fox Conservation Team has completed a three year effort to comprehensively review swift fox conservation efforts that occurred from 1997-2010 and also to describe the planned conservation strategies for 2011-2020.  These are contained in the Conservation Assessment and Conservation Strategy for swift fox in the United States – 2011 update . To obtain a hard copy of this document, please email Eileen Dowd Stukel.

All of these actions have improved the long-term viability of the swift fox and resulted in the removal of this species in 2001 from consideration for listing under the Endangered Species Act.

Current and Past Activities

The following documents provide a more detailed account of current and past activities related to the swift fox. 

Surveys and Reports

Conservation Assessment and Strategy for Swift Fox in the US

NRCS Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet

Recent Publications

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Notice of Intent to Sue

News Releases/Books

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The Swift Fox
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