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Access for Everyone
36 Min.
VHSThis film by the U.S. Forest Service reviews opportunities for the disabled in the outdoors.Miscellaneous
Advanced Bowhunting for Elk and Black BearVHSThis video gives the hunter a wealth of excellent help and advice to make you more knowledgeable and successful bow hunting elk and black bear. A National Bowhunter Education Foundation production.Hunting, Big Game
Advanced Bowhunting for Whitetail Deer VHSThis video gives the hunter help and advice to make the hunter more knowledgeable and successful hunting whitetail deer. A National Bowhunter Education Foundation production. Hunter
Aldo Leopold–A Sand County Almanac
29 Min.
VHSThis film presents a philosophical, visual twelve month journey through Aldo Leopold’s well known written work, “A Sand County Almanac”. It is recommended for audiences of high school age and older and is best viewed as a sequel to “Aldo Leopold–His Life and Thought”, unless the viewer is already familiar Aldo Leopold.Wildlife Management
All American Bear, The
27 Min.
VHSDiscusses nature of the black bear. Originally aired as part of the NOVA series on PBS. Tape also includes a second show, Greed, Wildlife and Poaching in America.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat, Law Enforcement, Poaching
All About Bears
20 Minute
VHSThe word bear brings many different images to people’s minds. Whatever the images, we often misunderstand these large creatures. This video examines the three kinds of bear in North America–Polar, Black and Grizzly.Mammals, Endangered Wildlife, Wildlife and Habitat
All About Trout Fishing
60 Min.
VHSProduced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Learn where and how to fish for Colorado trout.Fishing
American Eagle DVDThe DVD explores the bald eagle and its comeback from the brink of extinction.Bald Eagles
25 Min.
DVDTake a look at the aquatic and terrestrial worlds of frogs, toads, & salamanders and their variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Especially good for elementary school. Narrated by Martin Sheen. An Eyewitness Series DVD.Amphibians, Frogs, Toads, Salamanders
Audubon Video Guide DVDThe two disc set describes 505 North American bird species. A mix of stills and video, bird calls, and maps help you learn to identify birds and their habitats. Birds, Habitat
Basic Rehab 1-3 VideosVHSA three video set that potential rehabilitators are required to watch as part of the application process.Rehabilitation
Barn Owls & Their Pellets
17 Min.
VHSThis short film is about two 8th grade students spending part of a day with a wildlife biologist, learning about barn owls and collecting pellets at an owl roost. It presents some good basic information about barn owls and their behavior and is probably best suited for viewing by younger (grade school) children.Birds, Owls
Bats Are Beautiful
22 Min.
VHSDiscusses the biology of bats. Explores the many negative myths that have given this interesting and important animal its entirely undeserved reputation.Mammals, Bats
Bats of America
15 Min.
VHS & DVDA review of bats of their roles in the environment.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat, Bats
Bat Talk–The Secret Language of the Mexican Free-tailed Bats DVDDocuments the social interactions of Mexican Free-tailed bats.Mammals, Bats
40 Min.
DVDDiscover the world of black bears, polar bears, and grizzlies and the specific challenges facing each species. A National Wildlife Federation film.Bears, Mammals, Wildlife
Bears, Bruin, Ursids and Trouble
10 Min.
VHSThis informational video deals with many current bear issues in the state from the aspects of control, human-animal relationships and bear behavior. Produced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat, Bears
70 Min.
DVDThis film follows the lives of a beaver family in the Rocky Mountains. Originally made for IMAX, the DVD also includes a retrospective on the making of Beavers.Beavers, Mammals, Wildlife, Habitat
Beaver Family, The
14 Min.
VHSFollows a beaver family throughout the year as they interact with their natural environment. Filmed in the Rocky Mountains. Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat, Water/Wetlands, Beavers
Before You Hunt
25 Min.
VHSUses cartoon characters and actual hunting scenes to make its point. Demonstrates that a real sportsperson needs the right attitude, common sense and the ability to remain calm and control his actions. He must respect the landowner, other people, the land, the law and wildlife. Explains how the purchase of hunting licenses and sporting equipment helps to protect and manage wildlife.Hunting, Hunter Educations, Law Enforcement/Poaching, Wildlife Management
Beyond Fair Chase
14 Min.
VHSProduced by RMEF, Orion Hunting Institute and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. A hunting ethics film with great video footage, some of which was taken in Colorado. 1999.Hunting, Hunter Education
Beyond the Basics & Reading the Water
How to Fly Fish Series
DVDLearn about still water and streams. Reviews basic fly casting techniques and offered advanced instruction. Also covers entomology.Fly fishing
Big City Geese
15 Min.
VHSThis video discusses the Canada goose restoration project.Birds, Wildlife and Habitat
Big Game Hunting in Colorado
45 Min.
VHSColorado Parks and Wildlife video gives the ins and outs of hunting big game in Colorado.Hunting
62 Min.
DVDThis DVD takes a look at the sizes, shapes, sounds, and habitats of birds around the world.
An Eyewitness Series DVD.
Birds, Habitat
Birds, Birds, Birds
An Indoor Birdwatching Field Trip
70 Min.
DVDDesigned to help improve bird ID skills, the DVD features video & photos, bird songs, alphabetical index, and quizzes. Birds, Bird Watching
Bowhunting–A Timeless Tradition
23 Min.
VHSDepicts the tradition of bowhunting.Hunting
Bugs of the Underworld DVDFollows the life cycles of mayflies, stoneflies, caddis flies and other aquatic insects. Good for fly fishers, teachers, kids and scientists.Fishing, Insects
Building Responsible Hunting Attitudes
22 Min.
VHSServes as a training aid to teach hunter responsibility. Depicts 11 hunting situations in which ethical and unethical behavior is shown. After each offensive or unethical scene is presented, the film is to be stopped for class discussion. This is followed by the same scene in an ethical manner. Hunting, Hunter Education
Building Tomorrow
27 Min.
VHSAt the turn of the century, many North American wildlife species were reduced to near extinction. Through wise resource management, that trend has changed. This video filmed in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada chronicles a few success stories of prudent wildlife resource management. This video stresses the basic needs of all wildlife and that both hunters and non-hunters alike share the responsibility for successful wildlife resource management.Wildlife Management
By the Grace of Man
28 Min.
VHSFocuses on the CPW’s nongame program and includes river otter and peregrine falcon reintroductions, big river fish’s survey and recovery efforts and urban education at Barr Lake. Shows how money donated through the nongame income tax check-off program benefits nongame wildlife. Wildlife Management
Colorado Deer Hunting
30 Min.
VHS & DVDTips and techniques on hunting deer in Colorado. Includes colorful maps and techniques. Produced by CPW.Hunting
Colorado Elk Hunting
30 Min.
VHS & DVDTips and techniques on hunting elk in Colorado. Produced by CPW.Hunting
Colorado Fishing Hot Spots
30 Min.
VHSGain insight about alternative fishing places while enjoying dramatic shots of Colorado’s scenery. Produced by CPW.Fishing
Colorado Outdoors Getaways
60 Min.
VHSJourney across Colorado with CPW’s award-winning videographers and explore fascinating places to visit.Miscellaneous
Colorado Warm-Water Fishing
30 Min.
VHSThis video will give you tips on how to catch Colorado’s warm water species and introduce you to the states best warm-water lakes and reservoirs.
Colorado Trout Fishing
30 Min.
VHSLearn where and how to fish for trout in Colorado. Produced by CPW. 1989Fishing
Colorado Wildlife
22 Min.
VHSA look at 59 of species of wildlife in Colorado, including both game and nongame. Produced by the Colorado Chapter of the Wildlife Society.Wildlife and Habitat; Mammals
Cottonwood Kid
59 Min.
VHSWhen the environmentally conscious youngster learns several large cottonwood trees are to be removed at a wildlife preserve in order to improve a golf course, he begins working to save the trees.Citizen Action
Cougar Ghost of the Rockies (“World of Discovery”)
47 Min.
VHSBiologists study the life of a female cougar for two years as she copes with her habitat and bears young.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
Crappie Tactics for Lakes and Reservoirs DVDLearn about the crappie’s habits and where to find the fish different times of the year.Fishing
120 Min.
VHSAn un-narrated look at Colorado’s wide variety of wildlife.Wildlife and Habitat
Deep Down Walleyes DVDShows tips and tricks to catch more walleye.Fishing
Defending Favorite Places
27 Min.
DVDProduced by the USDA Forest Service Invasive Species Program, this DVD discusses how hunters and anglers can prevent the spread of invasive species.Invasive species
Don’t Move a Mussel
46 Min.
DVDThe first part of the video provides information about quagga and zebra mussels, including biology and impacts they can have. The second part is a watercraft inspection and decontamination training video.Quagga mussels, zebra mussels, invasive species, watercraft decontamination
Down to the Bone DVDHunters learn a simple and legal method of removing meat from an elk where it is harvested. Discusses deboning, skinning, evidence of sex, processing meat at home and how to identify cuts of meat. Produced by CPW.Hunting
Drift Boat Fishing
How to Fly Fish Series
DVDLearn about fly fishing from a drift boat. Features Dennis BreerFly fishing; Boating
Ducks Under Siege
60 Min.
VHSNational Audubon Society video examines the loss of wetland habitat and efforts to arrest duck decline in the United States and Canada. Narrated by John Heard.Water/Wetlands, Birds, Wildlife and Habitat
Enduring Legacy
19 Min.
VHSThis video traces the origin o f one of the earliest firearms to sporting arms of today. From priceless museum collections to recreated chapters out of gun history, you will discover the fascinating evolution of firearms.Miscellaneous
Eye of the Hunter
27 Min.
VHSReview of hunters and hunters from prehistoric to modern man.Hunting
Face to Face with Wildlife
20 Min.
VHSDiscusses wildlife watching in Colorado. Produced for the Watchable Wildlife program.Wildlife watching
Field Testing Steel Shot
30 Min.
VHSEducational video on using steel shot.Hunting
Fire & Wildlife: The Habitat Connection
50 Min.
DVDThis video traces the history of fire management and shows how positive use of fire can benefit both big game and nongame species alike. Filmed in Yellowstone National ParkWildlife and Habitat
Firearm Safety and the Hunter
30 Min.
VHSAlan Madison film used as an aid in hunter education classes. Also a general interest film. Graphic scenes of hunting accidents and discussion on hunter safety.Hunter Education, Hunting
Fishing Knots for Fresh and Saltwater
How to Fly Fish Series
DVDLearn how to tie any type of knot you would need for fishing, whether it is fly fishing, bait or spinner fishing.Fishing
Fishing USA
120 Min.
VHSNumerous fishing adventures throughout the USA with Gadabout Gaddis.Fishing
Fly Fishing Made EasyDVDEasy to follow demonstrations on casting, choosing rods and reels, fly tying and proper knot tying. Charts on fly line, tippets, leaders and basic flies.Fishing
Frogs: The Thin Green Line
60 Min.
DVDThis DVD looks at the issues, from disappearing habitat, chytrid fungus, and other environmental concerns facing frogs around the globe. Frogs, Habitat
From the Field to the Table
60 Min.
DVDLearn techniques from a professional guide to an experience meat cutter on field dressing, skinning, quartering and preparing a 6x7 bull elk. Produced by Division of WildlifeHunting
GPS & Land Navigation DVDThis DVD will help you learn about the technology behind GPS, how to navigate with GPS, and how to coordinate GPS and maps. It will also discuss compass usage and topographic map reading.Compass, GPS, Navigation
Great American Field Trial, The
15 Min.
VHSSince 1874, the sport of field dog trials has spread across America. This video describes how field trials work and how to get involved.Miscellaneous
Great Outdoors Colorado
17 Min.
VHSOverview of Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).Miscellaneous
Greed & Wildlife: Poaching in America
60 Min.
VHSIdentifies poaching of thousands of birds, mammals and fish as a major problem in the U.S., as well as other parts of the world. Produced by the National Audubon Society, narrated by Richard Chamberlin.Law Enforcement/Poaching
Grizzly & Man–Uneasy Truce
60 Min.
VHSAn overview of the grizzly reflecting the feelings of different publics by asking the question, "Can humans and grizzly bears share territory without conflict?" Produced by National Audubon Society, narrated by Robert Redford.Endangered Wildlife, Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
Gunnison Sage Grouse–A Dance of Survival
18 Min.
VHSOnce plentiful, these hardy birds, now few in number, are grappling with progress as it has affected their habitat. Learn about this special bird and the people involved with returning the population to a healthy size.Endangered Wildlife, Birds
Home for Pearl
33 Min.
VHSInteraction between youngsters and CPW officers.Miscellaneous, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Hooked on Hummingbirds
53 Min.
DVDClose-up footage shows the flying, feeding, and nesting of hummingbirds. Slow motion and stop footage uncover the secrets to their aerobatics.Birds, Hummingbirds
How to Make a Difference
75 Min.
VHSThis tape includes three programs (Saving Endangered Species, Wetlands and Population) in the National Audubon’s “How to Make a Difference” series. General Ecology
Hunting as a Choice
8 Min.
VHSA short video about hunting as a wildlife management tool and the debate between hunters and non-hunters.Hunting
Hunting with the Women of the NRA
32 Min.
VHSFor every woman who hunts or wants to hunt. Learn what it takes to hunt safely and successfully.Hunting, Education
I Need the Earth & the Earth Needs Me
20 Min.
VHSThis video shows students that all living things on earth depend on each other and all need a quality environment. Prepared for 4th grade students. It has five sections: intro, air, water, soil and conclusion.General Ecology
In the Blood
90 Min.
VHSBased on President Theodore Roosevelt’s African Game Trails, the classic memoir of the hunter’s role in wildlife conservation. This video weaves the retelling of two safaris, separated by 80 years, into a breathtaking action film. Rare historical footage from the Smithsonian Institute in 1909 shows President Roosevelt hunting African game with his son, Kermit.Wildlife Management
In the Public’s Interest
25 Min.
VHSGeneral overview of the work and objectives of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.Colorado Parks and Wildlife Programs
Incredible Journey of the Greenback Cutthroats
30 Min.
VHSThis video uses animation and videography to tell the story of how the Greenback evolved and migrated to Colorado, why they declined and how their population is now being restored.Fish, Wildlife Management
Introduction to Bowhunting
30 Min.
VHSThe Alan Madison film provides a good basic introduction to bowhunting. Includes selection of proper equipment, explanation of master eye, basic bow and arrow techniques, hunting safety, and field hints on finding, approaching and retrieving game.Hunting, Hunter Education
Is That Skunk?
60 Min.
DVDFollow skunks across the country and learn what they eat, where they live, and how they use their defensive spray.Skunks, Mammals
Judgment on the Water
25 Min.
VHSA safety film for hunter and anglers who take to the water in small boats. (Alan Madison Productions, 1998)Water/Wetlands
Kids Fishing Made Easy DVDKids learn how to bait a hook, put on line, tie knots and cast.Fishing
Land Use
20 Min.
VHSExamines conservation techniques for wise land use planning.Miscellaneous
Landing the Trout of Your Life DVDLearn tips and techniques for finding trout and how to land them.Fishing
Last Parable, The
30 Min.
VHSExamines man’s impact on the environment and the meaning of the environment to the future of man.General Ecology
Lead Poisoning in Waterfowl
27 Min.
VHSCovers the lead poisoning problem, symptoms and solutions.Water/Wetlands, Birds
Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle
7 Min.
VHSThis National Rifle Association animated video, hosted by Jason Priestly, is an entertaining and effective way to teach children this important safety message: “If you see a gun, stop! Don’t touch, leave the area, tell an adult.”Hunter Education
Life at the Top: Wildlife Above Timberline
30 Min.
VHSFrom ptarmigan chicks to bighorn lambs, learn where and how to spot wildlife above timberline. A CPW production.Wildlife and Habitat, Mammals
Life in Cold Blood
250 Min
DVDThis DVD consists of 5 episodes on 2 discs covering behavior of reptiles& amphibians, adaptability of lizards, and abilities of snakes. Hosted by David AttenboroughReptiles, amphibians, lizards, snakes, turtles
Life of the Bighorn
16 Min.
VHSThis video takes a look at the life history of the Rocky Mountain bighorn beginning with lambs in the spring. Includes full curl rams cracking heads and describes the habitat, habits, predators and conservation of the sheep.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
Living with Wildlife
28 Min.
VHSHow the USDA works with reducing problems between animals and humans.Miscellaneous
Matter of Survival
25 Min.
VHSA look at Fort Carson’s broad wildlife resources and efforts to comply with the Endangered Species Act within its boundaries at Fort Carson and at the Pinion Canyon Maneuver site. (Dept. of Defense–1994) Endangered Wildlife, Wildlife and Habitat
Measure of the Hunt
28 Min.
VHSFeatures four separate “trigger hunt” sequences, which raises a variety of responsibility and ethical questions.Hunter Education
Muzzleloading Safety
27 Min.
VHSNational Muzzleloading Rifle Association video follows muzzleloading rifles and safety chronologically through time.Hunter Education, Miscellaneous
Natural States
45 Min.
VHSA music only sound track enhances this video trip through the Pacific Northwest, including the Cascades, Big Sur, Mt. Ranier, Puget Sound Shoreline, San Juan Islands, and the Hoh Rainforest in the Olympic National Park.Miscellaneous
New Fly Fishing Basics
90 Min.
DVDBasic fly fishing and fly tying tips. Lessons and examples include casting, fly tying & the proper way to fish lakes, rivers and streams.Fishing
No Other Side of the Mountain
36 Min.
VHSA story of efforts to preserve precious wildlife throughout Colorado. Explains the roles of the CPW in saving some animal species from extinction. Cameras view elk, deer, mountain goats, pronghorn, kokanee salmon, peregrine falcons and bighorn sheep.Colorado Parks and Wildlife Programs, Wildlife and Habitat
One Hundred Years–Colorado Division of Wildlife CentennialVHSA look at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s past one hundred years.Miscellaneous
Opportunity for All DVDThis Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation production tells the story of America’s conservation movement.Conservation
Pelicans, Pelicans, Pelicans
20 Min.
VHSThis film is an essay on the two species of pelicans found in North America, the coastal nesting browns and the inland nesting whites.Birds, Wildlife and Habitat
Peregrines USAFA
16 Min.
VHSColorado Parks and Wildlife peregrine recovery program at the United States Air Force Academy.Birds, Endangered Wildlife
Pikes Peak Peregrines
16 Min.
VHSColorado Parks and Wildlife peregrine recovery program on Pikes Peak.Birds, Endangered Wildlife
Pheasants in Crop Lands
25 Min.
VHSA Kansas Wildlife & Parks production discussing pheasant habitat and how to manage crops for a better pheasant population.Pheasants, Habitat
Planet Earth
The Complete Series
5 Disc
The Planet Earth Series (a 5 disc set) covers the earth from pole to pole exploring the world’s habitat and wildlife.Wildlife, Habitat
Pointless Pollution: America’s Water Crisis
28 Min.
VHSExamines non-point pollution, which according to some estimates, accounts for 80% of America’s water contamination. Narrated by Walter CronkitePollution
Poison in the Rockies
54 Min.
VHSExplores the damage to sub-alpine ecosystems in the Rockies on which much of the water supply for the west depends.Pollution
21 Min.
VHSThis National Audubon Society video addresses the issue of over population and its cycle of poverty, rapid growth and environmental degradation.General Ecology
Prairie Dog Management
21 Min.
VHSCharacteristics of prairie dogs and management techniques. Produced by CSU Extension Services.Mammals, Wildlife Management
Prairie World of the Kit Fox
22 Min.
VHSThis video follows a female kit fox for a year. Shows her raising young, hunting and surviving on the Eastern Plains.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
Rain Forest Rap
6 Min.
VHSExtols the beauty of the rain forest, especially its interesting plants and animals. Against a rap music background, it also shows the problems facing the ecosystem, the resources threatened by rain forest loss and the contributions children can make to efforts to halt rain forest destruction.General Ecology, Wildlife and Habitat
Raptors at Risk
26 Min.
VHSDespite federal protection, hundreds of birds of prey are killed on power lines every year.Raptors, Endangered Wildlife
Raptor Force
56 Min.
DVDLearn the tricks of nature’s elite fliers, raptors. Ariel footage, including from cameras attached to birds and computer graphics, show raptors fly with stealth and cunning. Learn how fighter jets have been designed to mimic their talents. Raptors
Remarkable Mountain Goats
20 Min.
VHSPortrays the life history of mountain goats and shows how they survive in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Shows the pressures on its habitat from humans and provides good examples of big game management.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
112 Min.
DVDThis Nature Series DVD consists of two programs, one on snakes and one on lizards. Both programs give insight to behavior and biology. Reptiles, Snakes, Lizards
62 Min.
DVDThis Eyewitness Series DVD reveals the lives of cold-blooded vertebrates from around the world.Reptiles
Responsible Shot Placement for Bowhunting
38 Min.
VHSThis fast paced uses graphics, classroom interaction and magnificent whitetail footage to communicate successful strategies for proper shot placement.Hunting, Hunter Education
Rifle Shooting Tips & Techniques
48 Min.
VHSFormer national champion marksman Glen Pearce and Olympic team gunsmith Jim Carter show you invaluable techniques for fitting your rifle, dry firing, sighting in, wind doping, range and bullet drop estimation and trigger squeeze. From different angles, you will see the recommended positioning for shooting while prone, sitting, kneeling and standing.Miscellaneous
Rick of Pesticides
25 Min.
VHSExplores the problems of pesticides in our daily environment and offers solutions. CSU film.Pollution
Rocky Mountain Reunion
50 Min.
VHSJohn Denver takes command of a modern day Noah’s Ark as he ventures deep into the Rocky Mountains where he joins Colorado Parks and Wildlife and others in releasing breeding pairs of some of the most endangered species on earth.Endangered Wildlife
Rocky Mountain “Wild”life
65 Min.
DVDA twelve month video safari of wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. Narration-free.Mammals, Wildlife
Safe Tree Stand Hunting
35 Min.
VHSProper technique for tree stand hunting. Produced by the National Bowhunter Education Association and the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association in 1999.Hunting, Hunter Education
Seasons of the Elk
20 Min.
VHSExamines with accuracy and beauty the life story of elk through the four seasons. A story of conservation and management is interwoven with natural history.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
Seasons of the Elk II
29 Min.
DVDThis is the story of the rutting season for elk and the struggle between two bulls for territory. Elk, Rut
Seasons of the White Tailed Deer
20 Min.
VHSFollows the life of the North American white tailed deer through the four seasons. Also includes mule deer.Mammals, Wildlife and Habitat
Secret World of Bats DVD
48 Min.
VHSThis Bat Conservation International DVD captures all aspects of bat behavior and explores the vital ecological role of bats worldwide.Bats, Mammals, Habitat
Selective Harvest
14 Min.
VHSThis video teaches the proper method for catching and releasing fish to ensure their survival.Fishing
Silent Spring
60 Min.
VHSPBS TV series “The American Experience” feature about Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. The story of a book that changed the course of history and of the woman who wrote the book. The book, “Silent Spring”, published in 1962, became an overnight best seller. Carson was a marine biologist and well known author who delivered to the American public a then radical message about the dire consequences of the unregulated use of pesticides.Pollution
Simply Wildlife
60 Min.
VHSBecome better acquainted with Colorado’s cornucopia of wildlife species. From bugling elk to endangered river otters, this video features more than 50 different species in their natural environment. A Division of Wildlife video, no narration.Wildlife and Habitat
Small Boat Safety for the Hunter
10 Min.
VHSA safety film for hunters who use a boat. Alan Madison Productions–1999.Hunter Education, Hunting
Snow Country Survival
24 Min.
VHSTeaches how to recognize the dangers of winter weather, basic principles of survival, what to wear in cold country, what to take with you survive, how to use the resources around you and skills for different conditions.Outdoor Skills
30 Min.
VHSA visual wilderness experience with natural sounds only. Wildlife species include common loon, beaver osprey, scarlet, tanager, ruffed grouse, timber wolves and more. Wildlife and Habitat
Something for Everyone
13 Min.
VHSA description of the roles of State Wildlife Areas in Colorado. Four areas–Apishapa, South Platte/Tamarack, Lone Cone and Cherokee–are featured. Wildlife and Habitat
Space for Wildlife
25 Min.
VHSDiscusses the alarming loss of wildlife habitat and offers possible solutions.Wildlife and Habitat
Status of Waterfowl, 1999
24 Min.
VHSA USFWS report on North America’s waterfowl populations and habitat conditions.Hunting, Wildlife and Habitat
Steel Shot
11 Min.
VHSThis video by Federal Cartridge is aimed at educating hunters on the use of steel shot. It explains the differences between lead and steel and addresses some of the problems hunters have when converting to steel shot. Promotes Federal products.Hunting
28 Min.
VHSDemonstrates four survival situations in which victims use the wrong behavior. The correct behavior is discussed in detail, covering prevention, recognition, cause and treatment of hypothermia, panic and heat exhaustion.Outdoor Skills
35 Min
DVDSurvival is often based on ability to adapt to changes in the environment as well as having the genetic traits that assist survival. This video reveals how all types of animals adapt to survive.Wildlife survival
Swimming Upstream: Endangered Fish of the Colorado River
14 Min.
VHSRecovery program for endangered fish of the upper Colorado River.Fish
The New Fly Fishing Basics
90 Min.
DVDThis video is for both the novice and the advanced fly fisher. Lessons covers casting, fly tying, and the proper way to fish lakes, streams, and rivers.Fishing
This Little Bullet
17 Min.
VHSThis film impresses upon the novice hunter the potential lethal properties of the weapon being handled.Hunter Education
Tread Lightly
11 Min.
VHSU.S. Forest Service video on use of off highway vehicles (OHV) with minimum damage to the habitat.Miscellaneous
Tree Stands: Above All Safety First
15 Min.
VHSInstructs on the safety principles of tree stand use while hunting.Hunting
Turkey Hunting Success…And Safety
14 Min.
VHSThis video narrated by Rob Keck discusses the factors that lead to turkey hunting accidents, focusing on the fact that they can happen to experience hunters. It illustrates what hunters should and should not do to avoid being involved in an accident.Hunter Education
Unendangered Species
20 Min.
VHSThis video explores the growth of wildlife management in America and examines its role in rescuing numerous species of America’s wildlife from the brink of extinction to healthful and abundant numbers today.Wildlife Management
Water WondersVHSExplores the lives of aquatic insects and fish. Learn about wildlife along streams and around ponds, find out about water quality, the water cycle and conservation.Water/Wetlands
Way of the Trout
28 Min.
VHSShows an angler contemplating the life cycle of the trout, including the struggle for life from egg to hatching and finally as an adult. Shows how the trout learns to evade many of the dangers it faces.Fish
Wetlands, We Need Them
20 Min.
VHSA wetlands study that is a base from which to meet many interdisciplinary objectives. Concepts include energy flow, life cycles, seasonal changes, habitats and relating wildlife needs to conservation. Water/Wetlands, General Ecology
What They Say About Hunting
22 Min.
VHSPresents an in-depth look at the hunting controversy. Examines the questions most often asked about hunting and separates facts from opinion in the hunting debate. Analyzes official statements from professional organizations as well as other individuals on both sides of the issue. Narrated by Pat Summerall.Hunting
Where Have the Mule Deer Gone?
22 Min.
VHSA look into some of the biology behind the decline of mule deer in the Rocky Mountain West and what Colorado Parks and Wildlife is doing to address the problem. Produced by CPW (1999).Wildlife and Habitat
Where the Buffalo Roamed
56 Min.
VHSTo first American hunters, bison were a symbol of abundance and power. Today, the remaining bison are protected and managed to ensure their survival. They have become a symbol of hope for wildlife’s survival.Endangered Wildlife
Where the Columbines Grow
64 Min.
VHSAn entertaining look back at the trials and tribulations of Colorado’s first game wardens, in contrast to the duties of wildlife managers of today. Produced by the CPW as part of the  Centennial celebration in 1997.Colorado Parks and Wildlife Programs
Whirling Out of Control?
30 Min.
VHSU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service video about whirling disease. 1998Fish, Fishing, Disease Management
Wildlife Habitat and the Hunter
25 Min.
VHSCombines animated characters with a variety of hunting scenes and wildlife footage. Teaches the benefits of improving knowledge of wildlife and its habitat. Shows how humans can live in harmony with wildlife.Hunting, Wildlife and Habitat
Wildlife in Danger
30 Min.
VHSTopic is loss of habitat and Colorado’s threatened and endangered wildlife. Goes into detail on many species including bald eagle, peregrine falcon, fish, river otters, black footed ferrets, prairie chickens, least terns, lynx, wolverine, wolf and grizzly. Comprehensive information about some of Colorado’s lesser known threatened fish and amphibians. Introduction and music by John Denver.Endangered Wildlife, Wildlife and Habitat
Wildlife Survivors
Wildlife Wars & Return of the Eagle

2 Disc
This National Wildlife Federation production features two discs. Disc 1: Wildlife Wars, hosted by Daryl Hannah, looks at the increase in human conflicts with wildlife and what can be done.
Disc 2: Return of the Eagle, hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus, explores the comeback of the bald eagle.
Birds, Raptors, Bald Eagle, Wildlife, Habitat, Conflict
Wildlife Tales: Spiders Web of Steel
25 Min.
VHSUsing their webs, spiders can trap and wrap a helpless victim many times their own size in no time. With this film, you will discover many more secrets about these fascinating creatures.Miscellaneous
Wildlife Touch Museum…A Story to Share
20 Min.
VHSA Colorado Parks and Wildlife documentary designed to assist others in setting up a museum where taxidermy mounts are available to touch. This video explains how to obtain the necessary federal permits to possess certain species, work with taxidermist to obtain mounts and gives hints on raising money to establish a museum. Colorado Parks and Wildlife Programs
Winged Migration
89 Min.
DVDFly along with birds from around the world as they migrate. This film is narration free. Birds, Migration
Winter FeedingVHS1983-84 CPW deer and elk feeding program.Colorado Parks and Wildlife Programs
60 Min.
VHSFocuses on controversial efforts to revive populations of several wolf species in the lower 48 states. By National Audubon Society, narrated by Robert Redford.Endangered Wildlife, Mammals
World of Raptors
55 Min.
DVDExplores the North American raptors and includes raptor sighting and identification techniques.Raptors, Hawks, Eagles, Falcon
Battle for Life
DVDFollow wildlife such as wolves, bison, & grizzly bears through the four seasons in Yellowstone.Yellowstone, wildlife