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Workshop Calendar
Workshop Calendar
TEN workshop training class.

​​​​​​​​​Teacher Training Workshops

Project WILD, Growing Up WILD, Teaching Environmental Science Naturally, Colorado​ Archery in the Schools Program and other training opportunities for educators.


Fremont OUT! (formerly known as TEN): Hand in Hand, Taking Care of the Land
Tuesday, June 11

This course, offered by Colorado Parks & Wildlife & Fremont OUT!, (Outdoor Understanding for Teachers!) will introduce teachers to environmental and conservation issues. Participants will be exposed to in-depth information about sites around the Fremont County area and experience hands-on activities to complement classroom curriculum. Some of the topics we will highlight are macroinvertebrate studies, water quality, radiation, bears, black-footed ferrets, the Ute People and natural resources, and local environmental issues. We will be visiting some great locations this year including Canon City History Museum, Centennial Park, and Pathfinder Park.

Upcoming Events

NASP 'Basic Archery Instructor' Training: February 23, 2023 (Delta​, CO)

This 'National Archery in the Schools Program' training will show you how to ​set up the range, teach the program, and use the equipment. Register and find more information.​

Delta OUT 'Outdoor Understanding for Teachers' Bear Aware Workshop: March 25, 2023 (Cedaredge, CO)

K-12 teachers are invited to join CPW to explore​ and understand black bears in Colorado through hands-on learning activities from the Project WILD Curriculum & Activity Guide. Experts will ​​present background knowledge and ​participants will experience new lesson plans and other resources for teaching about bears and how to co-exist responsibly. ​Register for the workshop.​

NASP 'Archery Instructor Refresher​​' Training: May 5, 2023 (Moffat​, CO)

This training is for those who have already taken a NASP 'BAI' course with CPW and are actively involved in teaching the program. The workshop will include a review of the basics, with a 'deep dive' into advanced coaching practices and topics. Register for the training.​​

​For a complete list of available workshops, check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife calendar​