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​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Turkey School. In 2010, CPW began an online education program called Elk Hunting University. Our efforts in EHU are to provide the “student” with lessons and articles which provide information about hunting elk in Colorado to assist the novice and even the experienced hunter in developing skills and a game plan for hunting elk. The public seems to have embraced and enjoyed our efforts in EHU and we have decided to try the same format and technique in a new venture we have named, "Colorado Parks and Wildlife Turkey School."

Please enjoy the following educational videos!

​Turkey School​ Videos​​

How to Weather Proof Your box Call​​

​​How to Tune a Box Call​

​​​​How to Tune a Friction Call​

Shotgun Patterning​

​​​How to Make a Turkey Handle​

​​​​Double Team Tactics​

​Primetime for Ticks​