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Tips for Fishing with Kids
Tips for Fishing with Kids
Family Fishing

​​​​​​Make the Most of Their Adventure

​There aren't any guarantees of success when fishing (if there were, it would be called "catching" instead!), but these suggestions can help. Ask an experienced angler what the best part of fishing is and the response will be, most likely, not the fish-catching part. Every aspect of fishing with kids adds to the experience. To make the most of your time together, take note of these ideas and suggestions: 

  • Wear life jacket(s). Normally thought of as a boating-safety item, a life jacket is a must for a youngster fishing near water of any kind. 

  • Wear sunscreen. Besides the negative long-term effects, a sunburn can spoil a day more quickly than just about anything! 

  • Use insect repellant. It's not just the fish that are biting... 

  • Wear sunglasses. Sun glare from the water is painful and can be dangerous. Sunglasses also offer some protection from errant casts and hooks.  

  • Pack refreshments. A day outside is always better with snacks and drinks!

  • Pack ice in an ice chest or cooler. It's useful for sodas, and to keep the worms alive! Use the empty cooler to chill and transport your catch after a successful day. 

  • Wear a cap or visor. Like sunscreen and sunglasses, a cap or visor offers important UV protection. 

  • Bring a first aid kit. 

  • Use correct fishing bait and tackle. It's an obvious "tip", but kids will have a much better time if their equipment is sized for them. When teaching a youngster to fish, it is best to leave your own equipment at home. Concentrate on teaching and the child's experience. 

  • Find a great fishing spot. Check out the 101 (+) Places to Take a Kid Fishing

Remember to buy fishing licenses for everyone 16 years old or older. 

Download and print these "tips for fishing with kids​" to have on hand when planning your fishin' trip!