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CPW Videos: Fishing
CPW Videos: Fishing



Fly Fishing Colorado - June - Northern PikeFly Fishing for Northern Pike at Eleven Mile State ParkFly Fishing Colorado Playlist:
Ice Fishing - Granby Lake Trout
Walleye Trolling - Jumbo Reservoir SWATips and Techniques on trolling for walleye at Jumbo Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Ice Fishing - Yellow Perch
Ice Fishing Rainbow TroutJoin experienced angler Bryan Johnson and his friends as they fish for rainbow trout on 11 mile reservoir in South Park, Colorado
a.m. Colorado - Arctic GraylingExotic arctic grayling are profiled in this underwater visit to their spawning grounds. See close-up action of these unique fish on their annual spawning run, and watch Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists at work insuring the future of grayling in Colorado.
a.m. Colorado - Colorado River Cutthroat TroutDive into a clear mountain stream and swim shoulder-to-shoulder alongside native Colorado River cutthroat trout. Filmed using a remote underwater camera, this entertaining and educational video brings to light the plight of the most spectacular cutthroat trout in North America.
a.m. Colorado - Fall Spawning RunsColorado mountain whitefish, brown trout, and kokanee salmon spawning runs underwater.
Arctic Grayling Fishing
Belly Boat Bassin' - Part 1 - Getting Started
Belly Boat Bassin' Part - 2
Catfish Fishing
Colorado Fishing Atlas - Getting StartedHere are a few of the many features anglers have access to on the Colorado Fishing Atlas:
Colorado Fishing Atlas Quick GuideVideo tutorial illustrating the basic tools and concepts for The Colorado Fishing Atlas (, an online mapping application for anglers.Related video:Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner Tutorial at
Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner TutorialPublished on Jan 15, 2013Learn how to use the Colorado Fishing Atlas ( to locate a new fishing opportunity in the state of Colorado.Related video:Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner Tutorial at
Colorado Outdoors Quick Tip - Bait Fishing BasicsHow to assemble a basic bait-fishing rig for bottom fishing and bobber fishing, and how to bait a hook.
Colorado Outdoors Quick Tip - Spincast ReelsHow to cast spincast reels.
Creepy Crawlies
Don't Move A Mussel
Fishing with Dad - Chad GauerkeChad tells his Fishing with Dad story.
Fishing with Dad - Navarre RoybalNavarre remembers the lessons he learned fishing with his grandpa.
Fishing with Dad - Phyllis DejaynesPhyllis remembers what it was like to fish with her dad.
Fishing with Dad - Randy HamptonRandy recalls the sense of freedom he felt as a kid, fisihing with his dad.
Fishing with Dad - Shawn HermosilloShawn retells a touching story about fishing with his grandfather.