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Meet the Team
Meet the Team

​​​​​​​​Karen Fox - Wildlife Pathologist​

Dr Fox holding a cleaver used to remove brains from wildlife carcasses for rabies testing

Areas of Interest and Expertise

My main research interest is bighorn sheep respiratory disease, particularly the transmission of pneumonia-causing pathogens to bigho​rn sheep lambs in herds with poor lamb recruitment.  My other research interests involve determining the causes of new or unusual disease syndromes in Colorado wildlife and creating diagnostic tests to improve our understanding of diseases.


Perform necropsies and diagnostics to help understand causes of mortality in Colorado wildlife. This information is used by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to inform wildlife research, management, and law enforcement. Conduct independent research on important diseases impacting terrestrial wildlife population conservation and management in Colorado.


  • Ph.D., Veterinary Pathology―Colorado State University 
  • Board Certification―American College of Veterinary Pathologists 
  • D.V.M., Colorado State University
  • B.S., Animal Ecology―Iowa State University 

Current or Recent Positions

  • Wildlife Pathologist – Colorado Parks and Wildlife (2013-present)
  • Anatomic Pathology Residency/PhD – Colorado State University (2007-2013)

​Karen Griffin - Molecular Diagnostics Technologist

​Karen GriffinAreas of Interest and Expertise

My area of expertise involves providing diagnostic testing for ongoing research projects and managing the agency’s Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) samples & data during the hunting season. I enjoy taking on new challenges when it involves developing or optimizing a diagnostic test for a specific species or pathogen. I love troubleshooting and solving problems both in the laboratory and with CWD submissions. 


Conduct routine diagnostic testing for select diseases in wildlife.  Design and optimize new in-house diagnostic assays to meet research and surveillance needs. Oversee all laboratory aspects of chronic wasting disease surveillance.


  • B.S., Microbiology―Colorado State University
  • B.S., Fishery Biology―Colorado State University
  • Minor in Wildlife Biology and Parasitology 

Current or Recent Positions

  • ​Laboratory Technology III – Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2002-Present

​Maicie Lingwall – Wildlife Health Facilities Manager

Maicie LingwallAreas of Interest and Expertise

Experience in captive animal management, animal husbandry, enrichment and training. Data collection for historical records of aquatic species of the Great Lakes and tributaries. Lab experience working with endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure in fish species. Photography of Great Lakes zooplankton and field collection of macroinvertebrates and benthic samples aboard R/V L.L. Smith.  


Oversee maintenance of all wildlife health facilities, including animal husbandry and maintenance of the Foothills Wildlife Research Facility (FWRF). Assist researchers with projects conducted at the FWRF. Conduct education tours for wildlife classes and collaborators. 


  • ​B.S., General Biology/Broad Field Science―University of Wisconsin-Superior

​Current or Recent positions

  • Wildlife facility manager for CPW 2018-present
  • Contracted biologist for the Environmental Protection Agency 2016-2018
  • Director of Animal Management at the Lake Superior Zoo 2009-2016​

​​Pauline Nol - Field Wildlife Veterinarian

Pauline NolAreas of Interest/Expertise

My interests are developing safe and effective wildlife capture and handling protocols as well as studying diseases in wildlife and investigating disease prevention, detection, and management strategies to promote wildlife health.


As a Field Veterinarian with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, I work in conjunction with our Wildlife Health Program team to support our district wildlife managers, biologists, researchers, and technicians in wildlife capture and handling training and wildlife capture operations. I also serve as attending veterinarian at CPW’s Foothills Wildlife Research Facility and have a rotating position as attending veterinarian for CPW’s Animal Care and Use Committee.  


  • Ph.D., Epidemiology―Colorado State University
  • M.S., Animal Science―University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • D.V.M., University of Florida
  • B.S. Science―University of Florida

Current or Recent Positions

  • Field Wildlife Veterinarian-Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2020-Present
  • Epidemiologist-USDA APHIS Veterinary Services, 2017-2020
  • Wildlife Epidemiologist USDA APHIS Veterinary Services, 2006-2017​

​Ian Smith – Field Capture Technician

Ian Smith

Areas of Interest and Expertise​

Safe and efficient capture and handling of all wildlife species for field studies and monitoring is my primary interest. I have experience with collaring, tracking, and conducting mortality investigation of large mammals while keeping larger scale goals and objectives in mind. I have a strong background in animal capture but also in project management, equipment, data collection, and backcountry travel and safety.   


As a Field Capture Technician with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, I work with the WHP and staff across the state to help safely capture and handle wildlife for various research and monitoring projects. I help teach chemical immobilization classes as well as coordinate capture related activities with wildlife managers, biologists, researchers, and technicians. I also have many duties around the WHL including helping maintain equipment and handle captive wildlife.  


  • ​M.S. Natural Resources – University of Idaho 
  • B.S. Fish Wildlife and Conservation Biology – Colorado State University

Current or Recent Positions​​​​​​

  • Field Technician – Neonate Capture – Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • ​Field Technician – Arkansas Predator Prey Project – Colorado Parks and Wildlife 

​Daniel Tripp – Wildlife Disease Researcher

​Daniel TrippAreas of Interest or Expertise

My research on the ecology of infectious diseases in Colorado has focused on the transmission of plague (Yersinia Pestis) in native wildlife. I have conducted research on the seasonality and diversity of flea species that vector the plague pathogen and the role of climate and flea dispersal in the sylvatic plague cycle. I am currently implementing research to address the management and ecology of plague in Colorado’s shortgrass and shrub-steppe ecosystems. I also design and evaluate new equipment to efficiently conduct plague management programs in Colorado.


Conduct research on important diseases affecting terrestrial wildlife population conservation and management in Colorado. Dan chairs the Related Species Subcommittee and serves on the Disease Subcommittee of the Black-footed Ferret Recovery Implementation Team and the Colorado Black-footed Ferret Work Group.


  • B.S., Biological Sciences―Colorado State University
  • M.S., Zoology―Colorado State University

Current or Recent positions

  • Wildlife Researcher – Colorado Parks and Wildlife (2009-present)
  • Research Associate – Colorado State University (1999-2009)
  • Guest Researcher – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2002-2008)
  • Farmer – The Farm at Bijou Creek (1986-1994)​​

​Mary Wood – State Wildlife Veterinarian/Wildlife Health Program Leader

Mary WoodAreas of Interest or Expertise

My broad focus is on applied work to support on-the-ground management that promotes the health and well-being of Colorado’s wildlife. I have a particular interest in the management of chronic wasting disease and bighorn sheep respiratory disease, and the development of tools to facilitate improved wildlife research, capture, and handling.


Oversee all aspects of the CPW Wildlife Health Program. Conduct applied research on wildlife health issues affecting the conservation and management of Colorado’s terrestrial wildlife. Provide veterinary support and training for CPW field personnel.


  • DVM, University of Minnesota​
  • MPH, Veterinary Public Health―University of Minnesota​​​
  • B.S., Wildlife/Fisheries/Conservation biology―University of Minnesota

Current or Recent Positions

  • State wildlife veterinarian/Wildlife health leader, Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2019-Present​​
  • State wildlife veterinarian, Wyoming Game and Fish Department 2013-2019
  • Clinical Veterinarian/Private Practice – 2012-2013
  • Biologist Technician – 2004-2008​