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Canyon Lands Ranch (BSAP)
Canyon Lands Ranch (BSAP)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​County: Las Animas

GMU: S61

Ranch Contact:

Nearest CPW Office:

Mike​ Powell
719-859-3207 (office)

Lamar Office
2500 S. Main St.
Lamar, Colorado 81052

Located east of Trinidad and accessible via US Highways 160 and 350.

Acres: ~72,100

CPW Map: Canyonlands

Species Available: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Elevation: Approx 5,500 ft.

Terrain: Ranch terrain consists of deep river canyons, rolling grasslands and plateaus. Vegetation varies depending upon site. Cottonwood, willow, tamarisk, and box elder are dominant in riparian areas. Mesa tops are mainly juniper and shortgrass prairie. Depending upon aspect, canyon sides contain juniper, sumac, and mountain mahogany. 

Access: Bighorn Sheep Access Program license holders will have an entirely guided hunt. Lodging, transportation to and from hunts and food will be provided. Hunters will need their personal hunting gear, rifles and ammunition. 

Camping: Lodging is provided, though camping may be necessary as part of the hunt. Hunt guides will determine when and where to camp.

Game Retrieval Services: Provided by guide.

Guiding Services: The BSAP hunt is an entirely guided hunt.

Nearest Overnight Accommodations: Trinidad

Season Dates: For more information on season dates and application deadlines, see the Colorado Sheep and Goat Regulations Brochure​.​

Additional Information: No over-the-counter licenses are offered on these properties. Bighorn Sheep Access Program licenses are open to Colorado residents only. Licenses are only for the season and ranch on the license. 


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