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Layton-Sheep Pen Ranch (BSAP)
Layton-Sheep Pen Ranch (BSAP)

​County: Baca, Las Animas

GMU: S48

Ranc​h C​ontact: Nearest CPW Office:

​Kirk Kennedy

Lamar Service Center
2500 S. Main St.
Lamar, CO, 81052

SE of Kim, Colorado

Acres: ~34,000

CPW Map: Layton-Sheep Pen

Species Available: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Elevation: 5,000 to 6,500

Terrain: Pinion/Juniper Canyonlands 

Access: Access to the ranch is only permitted for those who successfully draw a Bighorn Sheep Access Program license (BSAP). The entire hunt will be guided and all equipment other than personal hunting gear, rifles, and ammunition will we provided.

Camping: Lodging is provided by the guide.

Game Retrieval Services: Guides will assist.

Guiding Services: The Bighorn Sheep Access Program hunts at Layton-Sheep Pen are all guided hunts. You must draw the proper BSAP license in order to hunt Bighorn on Layton-Sheep Pen Ranch lands.

Overnight Accommodations: Lodging will be provided by the guide. 

Season Dates: For more information on season dates and application deadlines, see the Colorado Sheep and Goat Regulations Brochure​.

Ranch Rules: 

  1. Hunters must obey all rules and regulations of Colorado’s Division of Parks and Wildlife. 
  2. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs while hunting unless prescribed and deemed non- impairing.  
  3. Hunters that draw blood will, along with guide, do everything possible to recover their ram.
  4. No swimming. 
  5. Only one non-hunting companion may accompany the hunter.  


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