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Purgatoire Ranch (BSAP)
Purgatoire Ranch (BSAP)

: Las Animas

GMU: S61

Ran​c​h Contact:Nearest CPW Office:
​Steve Wooten
85001 County Road 165.4​
Kim, CO 81049
719-384-5813 (office)

Lamar Service Center
2500 S. Main St.
Lamar, CO, 81052

The Purgatoire BSAP Ranch is located 30 miles southwest of La Junta, CO. It contains portions of both the Purgatoire and Chacuaco Canyons.

Acres: ~52,800 acres

CPW Map: Purgatoire

Species Available: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Elevation: 4,300 to 5,300 ft.

Terrain: Most of the ranch’s bighorn sheep habitat consists of pinion/juniper Canyonlands along the Purgatoire and Chacuaco drainages.

Access: Hunting areas may be accessed by ranch roads and a few county roads. Some roads are very rough and 4-wheel drive vehicles are needed for best access.  As this is a guided hunt, transportation will be provided by the guides.

Camping: Lodging is provided by the guide, but hunter may camp if they get consent prior to the hunt.

Game Retrieval Services: Guides will assist.

Guiding Services: The Bighorn Sheep Access Program hunts at Purgatoire Ranch are all guided hunts. You must draw the proper BSAP license in order to hunt Bighorn on Purgatoire Ranch lands. The hunter will not be charged for guiding services.

Overnight Accommodations: Lodging will be provided by the guide. 

Season Dates: For more information on season dates and application deadlines, see the Colorado Sheep and Goat Regulations Brochure.​​

Ranch Rules:

  1. ​You must check in with your assigned guide at the site designated by the guide. 
  2. You are allowed one non-hunting guest. Your guest is your responsibility and is subject to all rules and must sign releases and waivers.
  3. In most cases guides will provide transportation. When you are driving, please stay on established roads and trails except for game retrieval. The vegetation is very fragile and we depend on the forages for grazing livestock and wildlife. Under wet or snow conditions the landowner will have the final decision in regards to any vehicle travel upon the property. The use of ATVs is an individual landowner decision. Check with your guide before arriving with your ATV.
  4. Observe the no hunting zones: these are for the safety of our families, residences and livestock. If you feel you must access these areas, you must be guided by an employee of that ranch and access is determined solely by the landowner.
  5. Camping is allowed with consent prior to your arrival to hunt.
  6. No open fires, littering or dogs of any kind.
  7. Gates should be left as you find them. When in doubt: close it and report to ranch personnel that you closed it.
  8. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited while hunting.
  9. Please do not gut or clean your animals in or near the water sources, including but not limited to streams, ponds and tanks. You may transport water from these sources for cleaning purposes.
  10. LOOK before you shoot, as some of our cattle, horses and other livestock are the same color as game animals.
  11. When you are assigned a guide, we highly recommend you use their experience to your advantage. The guide’s job is to assist you in having a memorable, successful, high quality hunting experience and we ask that you respect their decisions in regards to travel routes, game retrieval, road closures, etc.
  12. Obey all state statutes.
  13. Purgatoire BSAP Ranch reserves the right to terminate a hunt for rules violations, including but not limited to improper conduct.
  14. Please sign and return all waivers and forms at the time you check in to begin your hunt. 

Additional Information: Success rates are high on the ranch, but hunters should expect that locating a mature ram may entail hunting over a large geographic area in rugged canyon country.


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