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Trinchera Ranch (BSAP)
Trinchera Ranch (BSAP)


GMU: S65

Ran​c​h Con​tact:Nearest CPW Office:
Shane Lancaster
24492 Trinchera Ranch Road
Ft. Garland, CO 81133

Monte Vista Office
0722 South Rd. 1 East
Monte Vista, CO 81144
719-587-6934 (fax)

Trinchera Ranch is located near the town of Ft. Garland. Specific directions will be provided to successful BSAP license holders.

Acres: 170,700

CPW Maps:

Area Maps: USGS Quads 

  • Costilla County USGS 1:50,000 : sheets 1 & 2​​; 
  • USGS Quads: Blanca, Blanca Peak, El Valle Creek, Ft. Garland, Ft. Garland SW, La Veta Pass, Little Sheep Mountain, McCarty Park, Mosca Pass, Ojito Peak, Red Wing, Russell, San Luis, Taylor Ranch, Trinchera Peak, Trinchera Ranch, Twin Peaks.

Species Available: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Elevation: 8,000 to 14,000 ft.

Terrain: This ranch is one of the largest in the program and offers high mountain habitats from sagebrush flats, to pinyon/juniper range land and cottonwood stream bottoms. Upper elevations have heavy timber with pure and mixed aspen/conifer. 

Access: Access to the ranch is only permitted for those who successfully draw a BSAP license. The main system of ranch roads provides adequate access to main portions of the ranch. Roads can become difficult with snow or rain. Hunters need at minimum 4-wheel drive with four chains.

Camping: Not allowed on the ranch

Game Retrieval Services: Guides will assist

Guiding Services: The Bighorn Sheep Access Program hunts at Trinchera Ranch are all guided hunts. You must be part of the program in order to hunt Bighorn on Trinchera.

Overnight Accommodations: Motels/hotels are located in Ft. Garland and Alamosa.

Season Dates: For more information on season dates and application deadlines, see the Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat Regulations Brochure​. 


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