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Catch of the Week & Fishing Tips
Catch of the Week & Fishing Tips
Rochelle holding walleye​​Congratulations to AJ Soucie's Catch of the Week! AJ was able to land this 12-pound, 30-inch channel catfish. Great job!

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Fishing Tips of the Week

Know Before You Go

Know the rules for boating in Colorado and prevent the spread of harmful aquatic nuisance species. 

Colorado is a mandatory boat inspection state meaning that ALL trailered and/or motorized watercraft are required to be professionally inspected by state-certified personnel:

  • Prior to launching in any water of the state after boating in a different state.
  • Upon exiting any water in the state which is positive for an invasive species.
  • Any time an inspection is requested prior to entering or exiting a water body in Colorado. 

Learn to Fish Clinics

Looking to learn to fish or know someone that is? We have angling outreach programs that offer clinics, seminars, advice, in-field experiences, and educational materials for people of all ages. We explore those opportunities with Pepper Canterbury, one of our Hunting and Angling Outreach Coordinators, in this episode of Colorado Outdoors

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