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Resources, Events and Activities
Resources, Events and Activities

​​​​​​​​​​Lakes are a great place to start, since the conditions are relatively stable. Aside from small factors like wind and wakes, you have full control over the direction you go and how quickly you move. 

Once you’ve developed your water legs, if you’d like to mix it up, there are plenty of varieties of SUP to try! 

  1. ​​​​​SUP yoga classes! If you feel like testing your balance and strengthening your core, try taking your sun salutations to the water. These classes are constantly gaining popularity and spread - find one near you! 

  2. Team build with SUP. From middle school softball teams to new employee orientations, groups nationwide book fleets of SUPs together and take to the water to get to know each other and share some laughs.

  3. Get competitive. Race the rapids or go the distance as you hone in on the strength and balance required for hardcore SUP. 

Remember that each variation works best with a particular type of board; ask vendors and employees to help you choose the right one!