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Rules - Multi-Use Trails
Rules - Multi-Use Trails
Trail riding at Lory State Park. Photo by Verdon Tomajko.

​​​​​​​​​​Multi-use trail rules apply to​ mountain bikers on shared trails to keep riding courteous, safe, and fun. 

Control Your Speed

Obey speed regulations. Slow down and use caution when approaching and overtaking other trail users. By doing this it creates a safe and fun environment for everyone using the trail.​

Yielding on the Trail

Before passing another trail user, be courteous and make your approach known. A friendly greeting or ringing a bell is considerate.

  • ​​Bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and others yield to equestrians.
  • ​​Bicyclists and skaters yield to walkers
  • ​​Bicyclists yield to skaters
  • ​Downhill users yield to uphill users
  • Faster users yield to slower users

Eye Protection & Gloves

While out riding on the trail it is important to wear eye protection and gloves. On the trail there is a number of objects that can kick up to your face and by keeping your eyes protected you can continue to see and navigate the trail. Gloves are for better grip on the bike and to protect your hands in case of a fall.​

​Obey Traffic Laws

Respecting wildlife out on the trail is important so that you create less of an impact on the environment that makes riding multi-use trails so entertaining and fun. This includes never spooking animals and leaving no trace out on the trails.​