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Things to Bring
Things to Bring
  • Cooking gear - utensils and a camp stove (some yurts have a microwave

  • Food – store/transport in coolers or boxes

  • Warm sleeping bags, pillows, blankets

  • Layer clothing for summer, warm clothing and boots for winter

  • Water containers

  • Lighting - lamps and flashlights, batteries (for nighttime use outdoors or yurts without electricity)

  • Electrical devices- hair dryer, radio, etc. (for yurts with electricity)

  • Area Maps

  • Trash bags, paper towels, food wrap

  • Firewood & matches

  • Sun protection (year round)

  • First-aid supplies

  • Toilet articles

  • Lawn chairs-for summer use

  • Pet supplies- if bringing a pet to a pet-friendly yurt