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Hunters & Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Help!
Hunters & Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Help!

​​​​​Keep Colorado Native!

Equipment and vehicles traveling over land and water can transport harmful invasive species into and around Colorado. These species are harmful ecologically to native species, and economically to our state. Cleaning your gear and equipment before moving locations can help prevent harmful introductions.

Noxious weeds have direct negative impact on big game and other wildlife habitat. In Montana, studies showed that dense spotted knapweed populations reduced available winter forage for elk by 50–90%. Elk use increased almost 4 times after spotted knapweed infestations were controlled. Protect big game habitat by preventing the spread of noxious weeds and other invasive species.

Come CleanANS on vehicle tire

Before leaving home, take time to inspect your vehicles and belongings. Remove plants, seeds, insects, animals, and mud from vehicles, tires, boots and equipment.

Use Weed-Free Hay

Use weed-free hay when horseback riding or using hay for other purposes.

Use Local Firewood

Buy firewood near where you intend to burn it. Don’t transport firewood into Colorado from out of state. Burn all firewood before leaving the campsite.

Leave Clean

Before leaving the parking lot or campsite, inspect your vehicle and belongings. Remove plants, seeds, insects, animals, and mud. Brush hunting dogs or pets before leaving.

Clean, Drain, Dry Watercraft

Watercraft, including motors and trailers, should be clean, fully drained and allowed time to completely dry in between each and every use. 

Diagram of what to check for invasive species

Invasive Feral Hogs

Invasive feral hogs are not only illegal to possess live or import into Colorado, but also cause serious ecological and agricultural damage to land, reduce property ​​​​​values, reproduce prolifically and are one of the most destructive invasive species in America. Never bring a prohibited animal into Colorado. Report​ feral hogs to CPW immediately​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​!