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Property Technician
Property Technician


  • Manage land for wildlife 
  • Work outdoors 
  • Promotional opportunities 
  • Outstanding benefits packages 
  • Stable salary 
  • Professional development training 
  • Paid time off and sick leave 
  • Statewide transfer opportunities 

Job Description

Plateau Creek State Wildlife AreaDiscover a job without walls – manage wildlife areas as a Property Technician. Bighorn sheep rams with coiled horns navigate the rocks of Apishapa’s cliffs, slate-gray dusky grouse flush from the sagebrush at Owl Mountain, and bugling elk grace the alpine terrain of Mount Evans. Property Technicians live and work on the majestic landscapes of over 200 of these State Wildlife Areas across Colorado. Drawing from a broad range of skills, they manage habitat, use specialized equipment, and oversee the day-to-day operation of properties. Property Technicians coordinate volunteers and seasonal employees, design trails and signs for visitors, and may enforce wildlife laws.

This is an entry-level position with a competitive starting salary, plus standard state employment benefits. Some positions require living on a State Wildlife Area and may include reduced-cost housing.

Work Schedule - Property Technicians spend a majority of their time working independently, managing their time between property and equipment maintenance, habitat improvements, supervision of temporary employees and law enforcement activities. These wildlife professionals may work on holidays and weekends if necessary, especially during times when wildlife enthusiasts such as hunters and anglers visit State Wildlife Areas.

Education or Experience you will need

Jacox heavy equipmentFour years of work experience involving habitat management methods including farming, timber, and weed control methods; and property and equipment maintenance and repair. Experience can include construction, farming, ranching, wildlife management, habitat management, or landscaping. No formal college education is required.

Substitutions - A bachelor’s degree in animal science, biological science, natural resources management, fishery and wildlife biology, or wildlife management or a closely related field may substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required experience. A good way to gain experience is temporary or volunteer work assisting a Property Technician.

People Skills - Good skills working with the public and interacting with people of all ages, interests, viewpoints and backgrounds.

Property technician, Spezze, updates a signAdditional Information -Possession of a valid Colorado driver’s license and a CDL may be required. For some positions, it is required to live on a State Wildlife Area in state housing to protect the facilities and equipment. For positions that enforce laws, applicants must pass a background check and, after hiring, successfully complete the basic P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards and Training) training program for certification as a peace officer.