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Threatened and Endangered Species
Threatened and Endangered Species

​​​​Threatened and Endangered Species are of the utmost importance!  These valuable resources are slowly disappearing and State Parks Stewardship is dedicated to preserving the crucial habitat that these critters call home.

As of June, 2004, Stewardship is responsible for reviewing all State Park development projects to ensure that we comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  It is our duty to verify that we have proper documentation and approvals to comply with both Acts and State Regulations.  (NOTE: Stewardship does not handle review of development projects outside of State Park boundaries)

Stewardship is actively mapping habitat within State Parks for threatened and endangered species, as well as species of concern and tracked elements, such as rare plants.

The best thing Park Staff can do when planning projects, is to contact Stewardship from the early planning stages for pre-approval and agree on a strategy for meeting compliance over the timeline of the project, rather than attempting to get approval later in the process.