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​Special Wildlife License applications are available in CPW's online application system. 

Year-end reporting forms and links are still available on this page.

To apply for a Special Wildlife License listed below, visit the special wildlife licenses page within and log into your account.

IMPORTANT: After completing an application, the application is added to the shopping cart. Remember to checkout to complete the transaction.  

After you have successfully completed the transaction, you will receive an email confirmation after you check out. The credit card provided is charged when an application has been approved, and the license is being generated. 

If you do not have an individual or organization account created, you will need to create an account to submit an application.

Individual Accounts:  Use this type of account if you are submitting an application for you as an individual.  Some applications are only available to individual accounts.  

See the special wildlife licenses page within

Organization Accounts:  Use this type of account if you are submitting an application on behalf of an organization.  

If multiple people within the organization will be submitting applications; each person should have their own organization account.  Some applications are only available to organization accounts.  See the special wildlife licenses page within  


Note: Unless indicated otherwise, all reports and documents listed below are provided in PDF format and open in a new window.


Aquatic Importation and ​​Stocking:
Aquatic Importation License Application:
Pertinent Regulations:
West Slope Fish Stocking Application:
Importation & Stocking Report Instructions & 
Importation & Stocking Report Form

Commercial Fishing:
Commercial Fishing License Application:
Pertinent Regulations
Commercial Fishing Harvest RPT Form

Lake Licenses:
Commercial Lake Application:
Pertinent Regulations
Noncommercial Lake Application:

Dog Field Trials & Group Training 

Dog Field Trial & Group Training Applications and Forms:
Field Trial/ Group Training Application:
Pertinent Regulations
Field Trial Notification:
Field Trial Application Procedures


Falconry Information:
Falconry Licensing Process
This is an overview of the falconry
licensing process. Study information and reference material are listed in this pdf. 

Pertinent Regulations

Links to Colorado Falconry Associations:

Falconry Applications and Forms:
Falconry Application - Resident:
Pertinent Regulations

Falconry Application - Non-Resident:

Raptor Importation Application:

Facility Inspection Form

This is the form used by CPW during raptor facility (mews) inspection.

Falconry Sponsor Form
If submitting an apprentice falconry application, this signed and completed form must be uploaded with the application. This form must be signed by the apprentice applicant and the sponsor.

Falconry Upgrade Certification Form
To apply for an upgrade from apprentice-level to general-level licensing. Be sure to include any attachments listed on the form.

Rap​tor Entry Forms  (online)
The above State Reporting link is used for:

  • Raptor Acquisition and Disposition Reports
  • Address/phone changes to an existing license
  • Requesting a Caretaker Extension
  • Requesting Raptor Take Mobility-Impaired Status
  • Reporting a Temporary Facility
  • Reporting a Lost/Removed Band
Used for Federal Reporting

Scientific Collections 

Scientific Collection Applications:
Scientific Collection Application:

Scientific Collection applications are separated into five categories:
   Terrestrial (Mammal & Avian)
   Bird Banding
Pertinent Regulations:

​NoteIf you are using Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to enter a login/password to download the .XLS files below. Please hit cancel​ and the file should download. Alternately, you can right click and choose Save link as.

Year-End Reports:
Aquatic Year-End Report Forms: Windows 7 (ZIP)For more Aquatic reporting information, visit the Aquatic Software page.
Aquatic Year-End Report Forms: Windows XP/MAC (ZIP)
Terrestrial Scientific Collection Year-End Report Form (XLS)

Terrestrial Year-End Report Instructions

Regional State Map: District boundaries

Wildlife Parks

Wildlife Park Applications:

Wildlife Park Application:

Wildlife Park applications are separated into multiple categories:

  Wildlife Producers Park
  Wildlife Exhibitors Park
  Upland Bird & Waterfowl Hunting & Producers Park
  Big Game Hunting Park (renewal only - no new app)

  Zoological Park

  Wildlife Sanctuary (must be a registered non-profit)

Pertinent Regulations:
Non-Resident Temporary Exhibitors Application:

Non-Commercial Wildlife Park Application:

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rehabilitation Information:
The link below will take you to the wildlife rehabilitation information page.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Documents and Applications

Pertinent Regulations: