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Wildlife Sporting Plate
Wildlife Sporting Plate

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Show Your Pride, Colorado Style

Wildlife Sporting Plate

​​If you’re a Colorado sportsperson, hunting and fishing is more than a hobby or pastime—it’s a way of life. It’s how you connect with nature and, just as important, connect with others who share your passion for Colorado’s wildlife and outdoor heritage.

Now you can unite with other hunters and anglers in a display of pride and support by purchasing a Wildlife Sporting Plate for your vehicle.

Designed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the plates feature bold imagery highlighted against the snowy backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Elk are silhouetted against a vibrant sunset and a native greenback cutthroat trout is prominently displayed front and center.

Best of all, the plate’s simple message, “Hunters and Anglers Fund Conservation,” is a great way to educate others about the important role sportspeople play in wildlife conservation. Hunters and anglers fund more than 70 percent of CP​W’s annual budget, which helps to protect critical habitat and manage 960 wildlife species. 

The plates may be ordered at statewide DMV offices. The annual renewal is $25 plus vehicle registration fees. The proceeds from the plates go toward fish habitat, angling access and the development of public shooting ranges. 

Show your support Plate today!

Instructions for Purchasing your Wildlife Sporting Plate

You will need to go to your county motor vehicle office to obtain the Wildlife Sporting Plate. Both passenger vehicle and motorcycle plates are available. The following information may help your experience go smoothly and quickly:

  1. The official name for the license plate is the “Wildlife Sporting Plate.” Make sure to use this name when asking for the plate.

  2. The county clerk may ask you for a “certificate” to verify you made a donation to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). This is not required. If asked for a certificate, remind the clerk that a certificate isn’t required, similar to the “Adopt a Shelter Pet” plate.

  3. Not all the counties have up-to-date posters or sheets showing the different license plates available. Not to worry, the Wildlife Sporting Plate is available even if it is not pictured on display posters.

  4. The first year, the county will collect a fee of $60. Ten dollars will come to CPW to be used for shooting ranges and fishing access. The other $50 is a one-time fee that goes to the Department of Revenue. This $60 fee will be collected at the time you order your plate.

  5. In following years, when it’s time to renew your plate, you will see an additional $25 fee. This is the money that comes to CPW to use for the development of shooting ranges and for fishing access.

  6. The license plate is manufactured after it is ordered. Please do not anticipate walking out the door with your new plate. Rather, it will be mailed to you in 2-4 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, conservation, shooting ranges and fishing access. Your purchase of the Wildlife Sporting Plate truly makes a difference!

Wildlife Sporting Plate

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​Show your support by purchasing a Colorado Sportsperson’s License Plate today.​​

To request this designer plate: Please contact your local Depart​ment of Motor Vehicle office and request the "wildlife sporting plate" des​ign. ​

About: The license plate was created with House Bill 12-1275​.