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Lesson 1
Lesson 1

​​​​​​​Elk Hunting 101 Seminar

For our first lesson of 2013, I thought I would try to share the slides and notes from the Elk Hunting 101 seminar we provide to gatherings of novice hunters during the August and September each year. The slides are reproduced as a “pdf” file and I have provided a copy of the handout we provide at the seminars as well. While each slide is not discussed in full detail in the notes, I think the “students” can get a good idea of what we are trying to convey in each slide. As I have stated in earlier lessons, learning the art and skills of elk hunting is a process. Take a look at the slide presentation and for those who need more information, look to other publications, talk to other hunters and then just go give it a try. You will learn so much more in the field than sitting at a desk or at the computer.

Our next lesson will be about using pack horses on a Colorado High-Country elk hunt.

Bighorn sheep on a ridge. 

This is not a picture of an elk, but I thought you would enjoy seeing what you can run across during some early season, high altitude scouting trips.

- Jim Bulger, Hunter Outreach Coordinator​​