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Fishing Clinics and Education
Fishing Clinics and Education
"Take a Family Fishing" Clinic 2004

​​​​​​​​Teaching Kids and Families to Fish

​Fishing, angling, casting a line, catchin' fish. Whatever you call it, it's fun for kids, adults, entire families. Regardless of age or ability. A family activity in the out-of-doors, with fresh air and sunshine and tons of beautiful scenery. Relaxing times by a gurgling brook or whispering stream or placid lake. Best of all, taking the kids fishing need not be expensive or​ require a lot of time, or mean a long drive. See 101 (+) Places to Take a Kid Fishing. And, ladies, look into fishing opportunities in the Women Afield clinics​.

What if you've never been fishing? Where does someone start? Sign up for a fishing clinic​! Basic fishing-skills clinics for school kids, families, community and civic groups, as examples, are offered during the year across Colorado. These clinics are organized, supervised, and a fun way to learn. To make the introduction to fishing even easier, all bait and tackle is provided!

Beyond the basics of baiting, casting, and bringing in the really big ones(!), clinic participants learn about:

Angler Education* clinics get participants involved with the outdoors around them, in their neighborhoods, and builds a foundation for learning about the larger environment. And they offer, to the young people organizing and conducting these events, a unique employment opportunity, training and experiences unobtainable elsewhere, interaction with people from different backgrounds having different perspectives, and a productive way to be active and involved.

For a schedule of fishing clinics and events, go to the Fishing Clinics Schedule page. 


​​*What is Angler Education? 

The CPW's Angler Education Program has dual purposes. One, through 'learn to fish' clinics, is to provide a fun and educational way to introduce kids and adults to the sport of fishing, encouraging lifelong enjoyment of and participation in the sport. The other purpose is to provide meaningful, supervised employment, in a learning and supportive environment, for the young people who would organize and conduct the learn to fish clinics. 


The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame selected the Angler Education program (together with the "Take a Family Fishing" program) for its prestigious 2004 Organizational Award for outstanding accomplishments in education.​

Great Outdoors Colorado logoColorado Lottery logoProceeds from the Colorado Lottery​, through Great Outdoors Colorado, help fund Colorado's Angler Education Program and clinics.