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Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Plan & The Colorado Package
Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Plan & The Colorado Package
Greater Sage-grouse

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Statewide Conservation Plan

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The Colorado Package

The purpose of this plan is to facilitate the conservation of greater sage-grouse and their habitats in Colorado. It identifies conservation measures and strategies to achieve this purpose. The plan is guided by the philosophy that local work groups, composed of private landowners, public agency representatives, and other interested stakeholders, play a pivotal role in this conservation effort. The plan provides a statewide perspective to help ensure the long-term survival of greater sage-grouse and will supplement, not replace, local plans and the locally driven process that created them. ​​​

 Colorado Package Introduction
 Acronym Index

 Chapter 1 - Agricultural Conversion
 Chapter 2 - Disease and Parasites
 Chapter 3 - Energy and Mineral Development
 Chapter 4 - Fire and Fuels Management
 Chapter 5 - Genetics
 Chapter 6 - Grazing 
 Chapter 7 - Habitat Enhancement
 Chapter 8 - Habitat Linkages
 Chapter 9 - Habitat Monitoring
 Chapter 10 - Housing Development
 Chapter 11 - Hunting
 Chapter 12 - Information, Communication, and Education
 Chapter 13 - Infrastructure
 Chapter 14 - Lek Viewing
 Chapter 15 - Pesticides 
 Chapter 16 - Pinon-Juniper Encroachment
 Chapter 17 - Population Monitoring and Targets
 Chapter 18 - Predation
 Chapter 19 - Recreational Activities
 Chapter 20 - Roads
 Chapter 21 - Research
 Chapter 22 - Weather
 Chapter 23 - Weeds-Noxious and Invasive Plants


Appendix A - Habitat Treatments
Appendix B - Summary of Expenditures on GrSG in Colorado - 2006-2012
Appendix C - SAFE Map
Appendix D - COGCC 1200 Series Regulations
Appendix E - Summary of Oil and Gas Permits in GrSG Habitats
Appendix F - Big Game Populations in GrSG Habitat
Appendix G - Conservation Easement Strategy
Appendix H - Hunting Letter from USFWS to States
Appendix I - Population Trends
Appendix J - Literature Review

Colorado Synthesis Report​