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Greater Sage-grouse Priority Habitat
Greater Sage-grouse Priority Habitat

Colorado maps priority habitat for greater sage-grouse 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is participating in a collaborative conservation effort designed to support greater sage-grouse populations and protect greater sage-grouse habitat. 

 Greater sage-grouse High Priority Habitat Map Recently, CPW biologists completed a map of high-priority greater sage-grouse habitat in northwestern Colorado at the request of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The map depicts the current distribution of the bird in Colorado, based on the best available science. It provides a biological basis for land use recommendations that focus conservation efforts on the most important habitat.

This map and similar maps from 10 other states will be used by the BLM to develop its National Greater Sage-grouse Planning Strategy and inform changes to relevant BLM Resource Management Plans by September 2014. The BLM is seeking comments on the scope of issues that should be addressed in evaluating greater sage-grouse conservation measures in land use plans through March 23, 2012.  

To learn more about Colorado’s conservation efforts, visit CPW's Greater Sage-grouse Studies page.  

To learn more about BLM's sage-grouse conservation efforts in Colorado and the National Greater Sage-grouse Planning Strategy, visit the BLM website.

To download the shape-files for CPW's priority habitat map, please visit the ArcGIS Online website.