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Proof of Hunter Education
Proof of Hunter Education

​​​​​​​​​​​Acceptable proof of hunter education consists of: 

  • ​An original, duplicate, or replacement Hunter Education card issued by ANY U.S. or Mexican state or Canadian provincial wildlife agency, or, 

  • A Colorado Customer Identification (CID) with a "V" (standing for 'Verified') printed in the bottom right-hand corner, or,

  • A Missouri Conservation Heritage Card with a Hunter Education number printed on the lower left-hand corner, or,

  • A Minnesota Driver's License with a Hunter Education number endorsement on the back, or,​

  • CPW will evaluate hunter education and hunting license information from other countries on an individual basis. To be considered: Please fax 303-291-7113, mail (Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Attn: Hunter Education Section, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216), or email ( copies of your information well in advance of your desired hunting season.

Proof for Local Offices

A good quality scan or copy of a Hunter Education card or certificate (front and back) may be accepted at a CPW office. Your state will be called for verbal verification. The copy may be refused if verification cannot be completed over the phone, or if it looks altered or isn’t a good, legible copy.

Proof for Phone or Computer Verification

A phone or computer verification with another state wildlife agency may be used. This transaction is at the expense of the hunter. There may be a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of placing the call. If confirmed, a new CID with a "V" printed in the bottom right-hand corner may be issued.

Proof for Bowhunters

For bowhunters, a state-issued Bowhunter Education Card is acceptable proof of hunter education for any “archery only” license. A bowhunter hunter education card can only be used to purchase an archery license. It is not valid proof to purchase a rifle license or a license where the method of take isn't specified (i.e., small game or turkey).

Temporary Cards and Certificates

Temporary hunter education cards issued by a US state or Canadian province wildlife agency will be honored only in the year the card was issued.