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Proof of Hunter Education
Proof of Hunter Education

​​​​​​​​​​​Acceptable proof of hunter education consists of: 

  • ​An original, duplicate, or replacement Hunter Education card issued by ANY U.S. or Mexican state or Canadian provincial wildlife agency, or, 

  • A Colorado Customer Identification (CID) with a "V" (standing for 'Verified') printed in the bottom right-hand corner, or,

  • A Missouri Conservation Heritage Card with a Hunter Education number printed on the lower left-hand corner, or,

  • A Minnesota Driver's License with a Hunter Education number endorsement on the back, or,​

  • CPW will evaluate hunter education and hunting license information from other countries on an individual basis. To be considered: Please fax 303-291-7113, mail (Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Attn: Hunter Education Section, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216), or email ( copies of your information well in advance of your desired hunting season.

Proof for Local Offices

A good quality scan or copy of a Hunter Education card or certificate (front and back) may be accepted at a CPW office. Your state will be called for verbal verification. The copy may be refused if verification cannot be completed over the phone, or if it looks altered or isn’t a good, legible copy.

Proof for Phone or Computer Verification

A phone or computer verification with another state wildlife agency may be used. This transaction is at the expense of the hunter. There may be a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of placing the call. If confirmed, a new CID with a "V" printed in the bottom right-hand corner may be issued.

Proof for Bowhunters

For bowhunters, a state-issued Bowhunter Education Card is acceptable proof of hunter education for any “archery only” license, and for licenses where the method of take is not specified, such as turkey or small game. They cannot be used to purchase rifle or muzzleloader licenses. 

Temporary Cards and Certificates

Temporary hunter education cards issued by a US state or Canadian province wildlife agency will be honored only in the year the card was issued.