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NutraFix fertilizer for cheatgrass control
NutraFix fertilizer for cheatgrass control
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Research Objectives

  • Find the minimum effective rate of NutraFix for controlling cheatgrass at sites of differing characteristics
  • Evaluate effects of NutraFix on soil microbial activity and nutrient cycling

Project Description

NutraFix ™ (Edaphix™ LLC) is a recently developed fertilizer formula which has been shown in preliminary trials to control cheatgrass while promoting the growth of perennial plants.  The product is high in boron, a micronutrient which is toxic at higher concentrations.  Although the mechanism is not well understood at this time, it seems that there may be a sweet spot of NutraFix concentration which is toxic to cheatgrass but beneficial for other plants.  In this study, our goal is to inform application rates and to better understand any positive or negative effects NutraFix may have on soil processes.  A parallel study being conducted by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will extend the scope of the study to 10 sites (5 in Colorado and 5 in Utah), with support from the Agricultural Resources Service for soil work.    

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