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Dan Kowalski
Dan Kowalski

​​​​​​​Aquatic Research Scientist, Stream and River Ecology ​


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Contact Information


Phone: (970) 252-6008


  • M.S., Fishery Biology — Colorado State University, 2002

  • B.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Forest Science Minor — The Pennsylvania State University, 1999

Current or Recent Positions

  • Aquatic Research Scientist — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2012-Present

  • Aquatic Biologist — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2003-2012

  • Research Associate — Colorado Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, 2003

  • Aquatic Technician — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2002

Areas of Interest/Expertise

Stream ecology and factors influencing coldwater sport fisheries in Colorado Rivers

Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Habitat use, ecology and emergence dynamics of the stonefly Pteronarcys californica

  • Habitat use and ecology of mottled sculpin Cottus bairdi

  • Effects of whitewater park development on invertebrate and native fish in the Uncompahgre and Colorado Rivers

  • Effects of mosquito control insecticides on invertebrates in Colorado Rivers

  • Evaluation of an electric barrier to reduce fish entrainment in the South Canal on the Gunnison River

  • Effects of re-introducing the stonefly Pteronarcys californica on the invertebrate community of the Arkansas River

Publications and Presentations

Walters, D.M., R.E. Zuellig, and D.A. Kowalski. 2014. Quantifying the emergence of giant stonefly (Pteronarcys californica) and its importance to terrestrial food webs in U.S. western rivers. Society for Freshwater Science. Portland, OR

Kowalski, D.A., E. Fetherman, and R.B. Nehring. 2012. Introduction of whirling disease resistant rainbow trout in the Gunnison River. 2012 Western Division American Fisheries Society Meeting, Jackson Hole, WY.

Kowalski, D.A., Schisler, G.J., and R.B. Nehring. 2009. Introduction of Myxobolus cerebralis resistant rainbow trout in the Gunnison River. Colorado-Wyoming Chapter American Fisheries Society, Fort Collins, Colorado

Kowalski, D.A. and G.J. Schisler. 2008. Introduction of Myxobolus cerebralis resistant rainbow trout in the Gunnison River. 2008 Whirling Disease Symposium, Denver, Colorado.

Kowalski D.A. and E.P. Bergersen. 2004. The toxicity of Bayluscide and TFM to Tubifex tubifex: implications for chemical control of the oligochaete host of Myxobolus cerebralis, the causative agent of whirling disease. North American Journal of Aquaculture 65(3): 171–178.​

Kowalski, D.A. and E.P. Bergersen. 2002. The toxicity of Bayluscide and TFM to Tubifex tubifex: implications for chemical control of whirling disease. 2002 Whirling Disease Symposium, Denver, Colorado​.