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Publications and Reports
Publications and Reports

Additional Publications

Links to other recent publications and reports are available on the Aquatic Research Projects page.


Amphibian Research

Bibliography of Annual Publications and Reports

Colorado River Aquatic Resources Investigations

Coldwater Lakes and Reservoir Ecology

Cutthroat Trout 

Data Management

Eastern Plains Native Fish

Fish of the Upper Colorado River Basin

Fish Telemetry

  • Fish Telemetry - Chapter 14 (2007) - Analysis of movement and habitat use from telemetry data
    Rogers, K. B. and G. C. White.  2007.  Analysis of movement and habitat use from telemetry data.  Pages 625-676 in M. Brown and C. Guy, editors.  Analysis and interpretation of freshwater fisheries data.  American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland.


Invasive Species

Salmonid Culture Studies

Salmonid Disease Investigation

Sport Fish Studies

Stream Habitat Investigations

Warmwater Fisheries

Water Pollution Studies

West Slope Three Species Investigations

Whirling Disease

Whitefish Investigations