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Eric Richer
Eric Richer

​Aquatic Research Scientist - Hydrologist, Stream Habitat Investigations


Contact Information


  • M.S., Watershed Science — Colorado State University, 2009

  • B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife Biology — Kansas State University, 2001

Current or Recent Positions

  • Aquatic Research Scientist — Hydrologist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2012-Present

  • Aquatic Instrument Engineer — Hydrologist, National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc., 2011-2012

  • Program Manager — Research Associate III, Colorado State University, 2009-2011

  • Graduate Research Assistant — Colorado State University, 2008-2009

  • Fisheries Management Specialist — US Peace Corps, 2004-2006

Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Upper Arkansas River Habitat Enhancement Evaluation

  • South Platte River Stream Restoration and Habitat Enhancement

  • Gunnison River and Riparian Rehabilitation Project

  • Aquatic Habitat Restoration Studies

  • Fish Passage and Barrier Studies

  • Whitewater Park Studies

Areas of Interest/Expertise

  • Hydrologic analysis and modeling

  • Aquatic habitat assessments

  • Stream restoration and habitat enhancement design

  • Project monitoring and evaluation

Selected Publications

Richer, E.E., M.C. Kondratieff, and B.D. Swigle. In preparation. Post-flood recovery assessment and stream restoration guidelines for the Colorado Front Range. Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Kondratieff, M.C. and E.E. Richer. In preparation. Stream Habitat Investigations and Assistance, Job Progress Report. Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Moore, C., S. Kampf, B. Stone, and E. Richer. 2014. A GIS-based method for defining snow zones: application to the western United States. Geocarto International, DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2014.885089.

Kampf, S. and E. Richer. 2014. Estimating source regions for snowmelt runoff in a Rocky Mountain watershed: comparison of conceptual runoff models driven by snow cover or snow water equivalent. Hydrological Processes 28: 2237-2250.

Kondratieff, M.C. and E.E. Richer. 2013. Stream Habitat Investigations and Assistance, Job Progress Report. Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Fort Collins, Colorado. 103 pp.

Richer, E.E., S.K. Kampf, S.R. Fassnacht, and C.C. Moore. 2013. Spatiotemporal index for analyzing controls on snow climatology: Application in the Colorado Front Range. Physical Geography 34(2): 85-107.

Baron, J.S., C.T. Driscoll, J.L. Stoddard, and E.E. Richer. 2011. Empirical critical loads of atmospheric nitrogen deposition for nutrient enrichment and acidification of sensitive US lakes. Bioscience 61(8): 602-613.

Richer, E.E. and J.S. Baron. 2011. Loch Vale Watershed Long-term Ecological Research and Monitoring Program: Quality Assurance Report, 2003-09: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2011-1137, 22 p.

Richer, E., J. Botte, and J. Baron. 2011. Loch Vale Watershed Long-term Research and Monitoring Program: Methods Manual 2011. Colorado State University, 95 pp.